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Frans Van Hulle

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Frans van Hulle is a Dutch entrepreneur with over fifteen years experience in the advertising and lead generation market. Natively a Hollander, van Hulle's businesses have crossed more than one ocean to find success. He is a very significant figure in the world of lead generation, contributing as a guest mentor for The Wall Street Journal and holding major panels at conferences like LeadsCon. Van Hulle attended Hotelschool The Hague located in the Netherlands where he acquired his undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 1998.

Emexus was founded in 1999 by van Hulle and co-founder Louis Kinsbergen and focused on mobile advertising and marketing solutions, but also provided entertainment services. The operation expanded quickly, growing to over 100 clients across 18 countries in just under seven years. Van Hulle relocated to New York, NY in 2005 following the massive success of Emexus, and only a year later it was acquired by mobile communications giant 2waytraffic Mobile. Van Hulle stayed on as a managing director of operations in the United States branch until late 2008.

Shortly after separating from 2waytraffic, van Hulle moved to Panama where he was shocked by local farmers living in poverty despite being surrounded by arable land. Agro2 was founded in 2007 in Veraguas, Panama with the goal of leading the industry in the sustainable agricultural production of cassava. Having a primary residence in Panama has not deterred van Hulle from continuing success in the United States, however, as he co-founded ReviMedia in summer 2009.

ReviMedia is a lead generation company based out of the greater New York area. The company was created with the idea of allowing prospective clients to purchase leads directly using a proprietary platform developed in-house. With the use of several algorithms to determine a lead's viability, LXP automatically rates and presents leads to clients. ReviMedia has been an enormous success, landing a spot on the Inc. 500 list of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2014.

Companies and Investments

Revimedia.com (Co-Founder, CEO), PetPremium.com (President), Agro2 (Founder), 2waytraffic Mobile USA (Managing Director), Emexus (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

I believe in keeping things sensible throughout the nurturing of a new startup. I periodically write and give presentations to coach up-and-coming entrepreneurs to allow them to avoid the pitfalls I have experienced, strongly emphasizing that while most of these missteps can be fixed, having too many founders can be the proverbial nail in the coffin. I believe very strongly that entrepreneurs are free-spirited, and need to be given creative freedom with their projects. Issues arise when there are too many differing perspectives and directions, and I believe very few people are capable of possessing a successful business partnership.

Inspiring Quotes

Frans Van Hulle's Quotes

Most entrepreneurs are free birds and you cannot cage free birds. More importantly, most entrepreneurs are visionaries.

Frans Van Hulle

Having competitors doesn’t automatically mean a death sentence. Competition can be an inspiration in the sense that it gives you an opportunity to compare strengths and weaknesses. It’s always important to focus on your own strengths, instead of just focusing on the original idea that you thought you had.

Frans Van Hulle

Influential Books


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