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Dan Martell

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Dan Martell is a Canadian Entrepreneur and most recently, the founder of Clarity.fm. He's an experienced Angel Investor who has invested in over 23 tech startups. Prior to Clarity, Dan was co-founder of Flowtown (Acquired 11'), founder of Spheric Technologies (Acquired 08'). He has also been a mentor at 500Startups, GrowLabs & theC100.org.

As a teenager, Dan struggled growing up in a challenging environment. By the time he was only 17, he had been to jail twice for drug-related charges. At 18, Martell went to rehab and discovered computers--a discovery that saved his life. The reason Portage (rehab) worked for him, according to Dan, was because all the staff were ex-drug addicts. They helped him climb out of a hole that they once found themselves in. That philosophy, that Dan learned at an early age, is the reason why he spends so much time giving back. Getting support from those who’ve been through it before is what Dan Martell attributes his success to, in both business, and in life.

When Dan Martell was just 24, he started Spheric Technologies, a social enterprise consulting and applications company. The company grew by an average of 152% per year, raked in many business awards, employing nearly 30 people before Martell sold it in mid 2008.

Dan Martell then moved to San Francisco and co-founded Flowtown, a social marketing application, which raised venture funding and eventually got acquired by Demandforce.com in 2011.

Today, Martell lives in San Francisco, CA, where he is an active entrepreneur and advocate for entrepreneurship in the community.

Companies and Investments

Clarity (Founder) Spheric Technologies (Founder) Flowtown (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

1. When things aren't working out as planned, revisit your “Why”

If you don’t have a strong “Why” for building your company, then start there. If you forgot your “Why”, then revisit it and ask if you’re still on that path. Many times entrepreneurs start of keen on solving a certain problem, for a specific customer in a unique way – but for one reason or another – things don’t pan out, so they pivot. The risk is you pivot out of your passion. Then one day you realize your building a company that you aren’t excited about.

So stop and re-align.

Inspiring Quotes

Unknown - It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur.

Dan Martell's Quotes

The “crazy ones” are those that push the status quo, that dream up the big ideas and shape our futures. Care less about what people think and more about creating. We need more creators. I don’t care how freakin’ weird the idea – just build it. Let your dream control you. Seriously, go for it.

Dan Martell

Influential Books

- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 1st edition by Covey, Stephen R. published by Free Press Paperback