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Carrie Eddmenson

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Carrie Eddmenson is an American designer and the co-owner of Imogene + Willie, an American-made denim company. Growing up in Nashville, Carrie met her now-husband and Imogene + Willie co-founder, Matt Eddmenson, when she was 10 years old. With both of their parents working in the denim industry, it was only natural for the duo to do the same eventually.

In 2009, Carrie’s long-running family business of designing and manufacturing blue shut down. Devastated at the thought of her family business no longer existing, her and Eddmenson decided to take over and create their own brand. Not wanting to leave Nashville, the Eddmenson’s started Imogene + Willie with just 250 pairs of blue jeans, sold for $100 each online. Imogene + Willie is named after Carrie’s maternal grandparents, Imogene and Willie, and the duo has made an effort to dedicate their entire brand to all 8 of their grandparents.

Imogene + Willie has occupied the old Granny White Service Station in Nashville since 2009 and they opened a second storefront in Portland, Oregon in 2013.

Companies and Investments

Imogene + Willie (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

Just because you’ve never owned a business before and have no background in starting a business doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

There is something to say about having the mentality of fighting and scrapping until you make it work.

Never take no for an answer. Anything is possible.

Nothing comes easy, and that’s ok. You have to work really hard at something to be good at it.

Don’t give up and try your hardest to learn everything you possibly can.

Always remember that being really good at something doesn’t happen overnight.

Do what you are passionate about and follow your heart.

Make your concept so strong it has no chance of this. This requires risk, but it’s worth it.

If you don’t love what you do, you’re doing something wrong. It is never too late to take that leap and dive into something that you are passionate about, and can make a living from.

Inspiring Quotes

Carrie Eddmenson's Quotes

Do what you are passionate about because passion leads to you not having to work.

Carrie Eddmenson

I think nothing bad can come from a cesspool of good people

Carrie Eddmenson

We had been making blue jeans for 20 years. So what were we going to do? Make crepes? We started a mini version of the old company

Carrie Eddmenson

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