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Bryan Johnson

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Bryan Johnson is a venture capitalist, American businessman, and serial entrepreneur who has founded numerous successful companies, including OS Fund and Braintree. After attending Brigham Young University, receiving a degree in international studies, Johnson pursued an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In 2007 while he was still a student at Booth, Johnson founded Braintree, where it won the New Venture Challenge competition. Johnson established the company with the intention of helping online businesses process credit card payments. While at the helm of Braintree, the company acquired thousands of companies as clients, including Airbnb, GitHub, OpenTable, and Uber. Over the years, Braintree raised two full rounds of venture capital, acquired Venmo, and was eventually bought by eBay in 2013 for an impressive $800 million.

In 2014, Johnson founded OS Fund, a company that finances and supports investors and scientists who are working on projects in pursuit of humanity’s many challenges and opportunities. Through OS Fund, JOhnson teams up with technology innovators who are focused on improving the lives of people around the world for the future.

Born in Provo, Utah and Raised in Springville, Utah, Johnson became a Mormon missionary at the age of 19. During this time, he spent two years in Ecuador, a period which he says was transformative and had a huge impact on his business mindset. Prior to establishing both Braintree and OS Fund, Johnson - a self-described serial tech entrepreneur - launched three startups between 1999 and 2003. Johnson has also authored a children’s book, Code 7, and now devotes his time to philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.

Companies and Investments

OS Fund (Founder), Human Longevity, Inc. (Investor and Director), Braintree (Founder and Chairman),

Lessons Learned

The new generation of entrepreneurs is turning its attention from simply solving business problems to solving some of the world’s problems, and that’s a good thing.

If you have the opportunity to create something that will also be good for the world as a whole, do it.

Look for others who have a similar vision and bring them into your circle. It is the people you surround yourself with that will make all the difference.

Be methodical and very careful about your business plan, especially in the beginning.

We are living in an age where there are tons of wonderful tools, resources, and technologies that are there to help us grow our craft. Use them.

Bootstrapping a business requires a unique mentality. Do your best to be frugal, hire slowly and carefully, and exercise caution as you grow.

It is important that you have the experience and knowledge to do what you are planning. If you don’t, then surround yourself with those who do. Having the right people in place is crucial to how successful you will be.

Inspiring Quotes

Philanthropy isn’t subject to normal market forces. From an economic perspective, it may be the most distorted market in the world, the only one where the buyer of a good or service - the “donor” - isn’t the ultimate recipient of the value that good or service has to offer.

Sean Parker

Bryan Johnson's Quotes

Constraints are a beautiful thing because they force creativity and precision.

Bryan Johnson

The difference between focusing on doing good with technology and building good technology is much more than semantics.

Bryan Johnson

I’m betting the pursuit of good technology will create the most favorable conditions for humanity to flourish.

Bryan Johnson

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