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Blake Canedy

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Blake Canedy is from San Diego, California. He went from being homeless all the way to becoming a very successful entrepreneur.

While he was homeless, Blake began by starting a window-cleaning service. That business provided him with enough money to buy a motorcycle. That let him grow his business, which helped him earn enough money to purchase a small truck. That eventually helped him earn enough to get an apartment. He perfected this process, starting small and building little by little, in the course of his life.

Canedy’s dad was an AF pilot, so as a child, his family traveled all over the world. Because of that opportunity and exposure to many different cultures, Blake became interested in karate and eventually earned an advanced black-belt. With his karate instructor, Blake opened up a karate dojo business. Later, Blake also started and ran several other companies. One of those was a cell phone sales company. Eventually, he founded a court-reporting business, which he ran for over 17 years. Blake sold his court-reporting business to a firm in New York, and went on to pursue his spiritual and intellectual passion.

“After selling my company, I took two years off to get a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. That experience was transformational”, he says.

After getting his degree, Blake, a serial entrepreneur, started Core Legal Translations, and he was president of that company. Core Legal Translations is a language company that provides expert professional translation and interpretation services for the legal industry. Blake sold Core Legal Translations in 2013, and is now looking for his next adventure.

Blake Canedy's story is featured in Ken McElroy’s book “The Sleeping Giant,” and his unique story is featured along with 20 other entrepreneurs whose experiences have been extraordinary. His chapter is called “Being Homeless is a Good Motivator.” Blake is active in the San Diego, California, chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization.

Companies and Investments

Window Washing Company

Cell Phone Sales Company

Court Reporting Company

Core Legal Translations

Lessons Learned

'Trust people. Even if you've had a bad experience in the past, continue to be open to and trust in other people.

Thinking back to his experience founding and selling companies, Blake's faith in other people remains strong. In fact, when he reflects on his journey as an entrepreneur, he remembers opportunities in which he distrusted other people simply because he had been hurt in the past. According to Blake, his experienece has taught him--trust people anyway, regardless of what's happened to you in the past. "I would have been more trusting of people. Though there have been a few people that have hurt me, but I believe, looking back, that if I had put more trust in people, I would be further ahead than I am now."

Inspiring Quotes

We only learn by dialoging with ourselves and others.


Blake Canedy's Quotes

Never stop learning or reading. Many entrepreneurs get into business and simply stop learning. Keep learning.

Blake Canedy

Influential Books

Chet Holmes - The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies