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Bill Flagg

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Bill Flagg is a Colorado-based entrepreneur, investor, and business owner who is an influencer for startups and young entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Michigan, Flagg had his first taste of entrepreneurship in high school when he started a house painting business. He later attended the University of Michigan and took a job with Harris Bank in Chicago after graduation. Before realizing his true calling of entrepreneurship, Flagg backpacked through Southeast Asia. He was soon introduced to the city of Boulder, Colorado, an event that would change his life and career path forever.

Upon moving to Boulder, Flagg established, supported, and grew numerous companies, including PosterBrain.com, RegOnline, StickerGiant, SnapEngage, SurveyGizmo, and most recently Avid4 Adventure. A converted tech entrepreneur, Flagg has experienced numerous ups and downs, which has allowed him to learn and better assist motivated and young entrepreneurs.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile are, the entrepreneur’s personal website, and an article from the October 2015 issue of Inc Magazine.

Companies and Investments

Avid4 Adventure (Co-Owner), SurveyGismo (Co-Owner), SnapEngage (Co-Owner), StickerGiant (Co-Owner), PosterBrain.com (Co-Owner), PaySimple (Board Member), RegOnline (President & Co-Owner)

Lessons Learned

The first step to starting a business is to secure funding. Once you have the money you can begin searching for customers and then hire employees.

Even though selling your company may seem like an attractive offer, you may actually be able to make more money by sticking with it.

Before you make any decision in regards to your business, take a step back and think about all your options. Make rash decisions will get you nowhere.

If a company is profitable and growing, you are in good shape and should keep doing what you’re doing.

Don’t get too tied to the idea of doing things the ‘conventional way’. If you have an idea and see a way to do something that has never been done before, go for it.

Always follow your gut.

Inspiring Quotes

Bill Flagg's Quotes

I became an entrepreneur not to get rich but to feel the freedom of creating things that could be of real value to my customers.

Bill Flagg

If I had to pick two of my favorite words they’d be Unconventional & Freedom.

Bill Flagg

I’ve seen too many people throw away too much equity and other people’s money by not first vetting the potential ROI of what that money is being used for first.

Bill Flagg

If you grow a company organically based on what your revenues can afford, you end up coming into a much more profitable situation.

Bill Flagg

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