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Bettina Hein

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Bettina Hein is a German businesswoman and technology entrepreneur who is best known for founding Pixability, a video marketing software company. Born in Germany, Hein moved to the United States at the age of 5, but moved back to Germany when she was 11. Hein received a degree in business administration from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and began working towards a law degree with a specialization in information technology at the University of Constance in Germany. While at St. Gallen Hein was involved in the student government, leading more than 5,000 students at one point.

During her final year of law school Hein founded START, an organization helping students pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2001 she started her next company, SVOX, in Switzerland. SVOX developed text-to-speech software for automotive and mobile devices. In 2015, she sold the company for a reported $125 million.

In 2006 Hein received a master’s degree in management of technology at MIT. It was at this point she noticed a new market in video editing, which is where she got the idea for Pixability. In 2008 Hein started Pixability with the intention of making video marketing and editing easier for companies.

A serial entrepreneur, Hein started a networking organization for female entrepreneurs in 2009 and joined the global Entrepreneurs Organization.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile include the entrepreneur’s personal LinkedIn account, May 2012 New York Times profile, and a February 2016 interview with BostInno.

Companies and Investments

Pixability (Founder and CEO), SVOX AG (Co-Founder, Chief Financial and Operating Officer), START (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

Success does not come without hard work and determination.

Don’t accept failure as the final destination. Always get back up and start again if you are met with defeat.

Pay attention to the signs around you and adjust accordingly. This also includes listening to the numbers that are coming in and seeing if you need to change something.

Experiment and play around to see what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t change your strategy at the first sign of trouble - take a step back and see what is going on, then adjust.

Hindsight is 20/20, but it is important to learn from your mistakes and then move on.

Timing is one of the most important aspects of starting any business. Make sure you do your research and know that there is a market for your product before you launch.

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