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Bernhard Stroh

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The Stroh family has a long history of brewing beer, which first began in Germany. However, due to the German Revolution, in 1849, Bernhard Stroh moved the business to the United States after three years of living in Brazil. He started his company with a budget of $ 150.00.

Stroh selected Detroit, Michigan as the location for his brewery and settled there in 1850. Stroh was 28 years old at the time. The company was known for making a Pilsner (also known as Pilzen) style beer. Pilsner beers are fire-brewed and lighter than traditional beers. In 1855, the company increased in size, and then shortly thereafter became known as Lion’s Head Brewery. The company had been known as Stroh’s Brewery until this time.

The most popular beer sold, Stroh’s, was first peddled via wheelbarrow. The new beer was brewed in copper kettles to enrich the flavor. The company name was then changed to B. Stroh Brewing Company when Bernhard passed in 1882, and his son, Bernhard Junior, took over the business. In 1988, Forbes estimated that the Stroh family had an estimated worth of 700 million dollars. The brewing company stayed in the Stroh family until the year 2000.

Companies and Investments

Stroh Brewery, Lion’s Head Brewery (Founder and President)

Lessons Learned

I believed in tradition and I built my company on a family recipe for beer. I liked following tradition such as continuing the family business and creating tradition such as creating a pure water beer. Family is also important. I would personally sell my beer, with the help of my sons, from a wheelbarrow that I moved all over the city of Detroit. I believe in family and tradition and recognizing their importance as important lessons.

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