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Benjamin Talin

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Series entrepreneur since he successfully founded the first companies at the age of 13. Now he is the founder of the helm 361 group, morethandigital.info as the biggest digital initiative in Europe and involved in many other start-up/innovation projects.

His heart is beating for innovation and disruption. With that in mind he is advising governments, companies, organizations. As associate professor and international keynote speaker he tries to motivate people around the world for digital and innovation.

He is also an Advisory Board Member for the upcoming University of Digital Science in Berlin and member of the Digital Society Initiative, University of Zurich. As a Member of the Global Panel of Massachusets Technology Review as well as the Harvard Business Review, he is working together with leading executives around the world to share knowledge on technology, trends and the impact on the businesses.

With the initiative #bethechange he is currently in the process of building a political framework for a digital and innovative world and to advice governments in the upcoming challanges and implications from changes in technology and society.

Companies and Investments

Helm AG (CEO), helm 361 Group (CEO & Owner), MoreThanDigital (CEO & Founder)

Lessons Learned

1) Never overpace - Big and Bold is good but you need to keep up 2) Try to get a team where you can have 100% trust 3) Buying a company is way more work than thought, you will get a lot of surprises no matter how much you prepare 4) 1 big customer can kill your business 5) Don't do business with people with which you don't want to have a drink

Inspiring Quotes

Digital transformation is so much more than just technological solutions; it is a widespread shift in how the business operates


Benjamin Talin's Quotes

Stop following - Start leading

Benjamin Talin

Dream so big that it almost feels uncomfortable to speak about it

Benjamin Talin

In Europe, we have become so good at optimizing in incremental steps that we have completely forgotten how to do disruptive innovation.

Benjamin Talin

We need to be very selective of what we are sharing – because it is easy for technology to actually know everything about us.

Benjamin Talin

Die kundenzentrierte Lösung ist immer der Start der digitalen Transformation – Nicht die Technologie.

Benjamin Talin

Influential Books


Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Hans-Dieter Blatecki