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Barry Kern

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Barry Kern is the president and CEO of Kern Studios and Mardi Gras World. Barry’s father, Blaine, was an artist and then sign painter who became famous for his Mardi Gras floats. Blaine Kern founded Mardi Gras World in 1984. Kern Studio is recognized as the expert in animation and extravagance when it comes to parade floats.

Barry has traveled the world in order to study with the best designers and artists in the world. He takes his role in the family business seriously. Barry has helped the company to grow beyond being float makers into the world of theme park design, restaurant design, and museum conception, as well.

Kern Studios, located at the riverfront of the city of New Orleans, has done work for Disney, Six Flags, Paramount Parks, MGM Grand, Circus Casino, and many other international projects. The company is known for their creations worldwide.

The company takes about two weeks to complete just one float. There are about 15 warehouses in the Kern Studio system, and they produce about 500 floats in one year.

Companies and Investments

Kern Studio (President, CEO)

Lessons Learned

Listen to the people who work with you and the people you work for. We always try to listen to everyone involved in the process so we can come up with a float that is true to the customer wishes and true to their organizations.

Another important lesson is to have fun in what you do. I love the joy of a Mardi Gras parade. You can see everyone on the streets during the Mardi Gras having a great time. Our company enjoys making the fun times for people.

Inspiring Quotes

Barry really wanted to do it and had the leadership ability.

Blaine Kern

Barry Kern's Quotes

It’s certainly some millions of dollars in damage that we have sustained. But it’s nothing that’s going to stop us. Were ready to roll.

Barry Kern

Obviously we need to get businesses up and running any way we can. If we don’t start somewhere, where do we start?

Barry Kern

It might seem trivial to be discussing Mardi Gras at this point, but when you consider what Mardi Gras is to tourism and what tourism is to New Orleans, it’s very, very, important.

Barry Kern

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