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Ashley McIntosh

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Ashley McIntosh is an entrepreneur based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is the owner and curator of Azura Bay, an online boutique specializing in ethically sound swimwear, loungewear and lingerie.

McIntosh holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, marketing and international business she earned from the University of Manitoba. Following her graduation, she began working as a marketing manager at The Eureka Project. She left around a year and a half later, taking another marketing manager position at Price Industries.

While working towards her degree she found frustration in the current model of fast fashion—one surrounded by negative environmental and social impacts. Certain there had to be a better way, she started vigorously researching designers and brands. She discovered only a handful that met her strict expectations for high quality, ethical production and eco-friendliness.

2015 was a big year for McIntosh. She left Price Industries early in the year, and began working as a marketing consultant by June. While still utilizing those skills, she used the newfound freedom to combine the interests she’d been researching for years—accountability in fashion. In November 2015, she founded Azura Bay, an online boutique curated personally by McIntosh. Working with an abundance of research and contacts from which to choose, she started making calls to manufacturers and designers. Doing the footwork herself allows her to provide a high quality, fashionable selection that also meets her strict criteria for eco-friendliness and ethical manufacturing.

Azura Bay has been a runaway success in its online avenue as well as its implementation of pop-up stores—being hosted by local retailers. Azura Bay seeks to do more than provide a wide variety of the season’s greatest looks, and strives to open the discussion about eco-friendly, socially responsible clothing.

Sources used to write this profile include the entrepreneur’s LinkedIn, the Azura Bay website, and an article from CauseArtist titled “Azura Bay Is Bringing Sexy To Social Enterprise With Stylish Lingerie and Swimwear.”

Companies and Investments

Azura Bay (Owner), Ashley McIntosh Marketing (Marketing Consultant), Price Industries (Marketing Manager), The Eureka Project (Marketing Manager)

Lessons Learned

I began making clothing at a young age, and while this was always something I loved, it never seemed pragmatic as a career. As a result, I went to school for a practical field that focused on my strengths. However, the more I became aware of the issues with fast fashion, my passions started to resurface. With my education behind me, I learned to use the tools I’d gained and the skillset I developed to further a project driven by passion. There was a time when I would not have imagined using these sides of myself in tandem, but utilizing my skills to their fullest is what has allowed me to get this far. It may take time to find your path as an entrepreneur, but along the way do all you can to absorb knowledge and network diversely. Knowing yourself, and your passion, will guide you in bringing the picture together.

Inspiring Quotes

Ashley McIntosh's Quotes

Ive found some incredible brands that are kicking ass at changing the way fashion is produced.

Ashley McIntosh

Major fast fashion companies are pressured to produce fashion lines in as little as three weeks. Because of these shortened production cycles (as short as 2 weeks) and lower prices, wages and working conditions are pushed downward.

Ashley McIntosh

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