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Ash Ashutosh

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Ash Ashutosh is an extremely successful entrepreneur with an extensive education and slew of experiences. Ashutosh has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science—both from Penn State University. Using his formal education, he took his knowledge to the business world. Before his most recent and largest start-up, Ash held many leadership roles in the storage industry.

Some of these leadership roles include working as an Architect and Engineer at LSI, and employment as the Vice President at both Hewlett-Packard and StorageNetworks. In addition to these leadership roles, Ashutosh also has plenty of startup experience, founding ApplQ, Serano Systems, and Co-Founding Greylock Partners—all before Actifio. Hewlett-Packard acquired his startup, ApplQ, in 2005.

Actifio was founded in Massachusetts in 2009. The company was founded on the idea of providing information technology services. They launched their first product in 2011, and have since grown very quickly. They gained more recognition in 2012 when Gartner cited Acticio in their Cool Vendor Report, encouraging the purpose and use of the technology firm. The company began with only four employees, but by May 2012 they employed over 120 people. As of 2013, Actifio is present in sixteen different countries. Actifio has many well-known clients like Time Warner Cable, Navisite, City of South Portland, Netflix, and more. The achievements of Ashutosh and the employees of Actifio have earned the company much recognition, such as the Product of the Year award from Stoage Magazine, one of the 50 Most Promising Companies in America by Forbes, one of The Boston Business Journal’s 2014 Best Places to Work, and more.

Aside from Actifio, Ash serves as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School, and has also guest lectured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ashutosh is originally from India, but now calls Massachusetts home.

Companies and Investments

Actifio (Founder, CEO, Board Member), Greylock Partners (Partner), LSI (Architect, Engineer), StorageNetworks (Senior Vice President), Serano Systems (Founder), ApplQ (Founder), Hewlett-Packard (Vice President, Chief Technologist)

Lessons Learned

Finding the careful balance between supervision and micromanagement is key to entrepreneurial success. I have found this in my experiences at many companies, but especially at Actificio. Prior to 2014, Actifio had eight CEOs. This revolving stream of CEOs can be attributed to a disturbance in the balance of supervision and micromanagement. I have learned that since I cannot micromanage, I must hire based on trust. I must select employees who realize they are not the CEO, and think with the big picture in mind. When something goes wrong, I am held accountable as CEO. Hiring employees who realize this will help you to avoid failure—as you will not need to micromanage the team that is working to keep you and your operation successful.

Inspiring Quotes

Breakthrough ideas usually come from guys who look like theyre hallucinating.

Ben Horowitz

The storage industry has many secrets that support its survival.

Ashish Nadkarni

Ash Ashutosh's Quotes

‪Actifio‬‪ has a simple culture; Keep the users delighted. And it shows. Thanks to all our users worldwide‬.‬

Ash Ashutosh

Good companies create great products. Exceptional companies create market categories.

Ash Ashutosh

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Robert Reeder