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Anyi Lu

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Anyi Lu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, where she spent the first 15 years of her life before moving to the United States. Once she turned 15, Lu’s parents sent her, her sister, and her brother to Delaware, where they could live with their grandparents and receive an education.

While living with her grandparents, Lu learned a variety of creative arts, including Chinese painting and calligraphy. After graduating high school, Lu enrolled in the University of Delaware, where she graduated with a degree in chemical engineering in 1997.

After graduating college, Lu got a job at a chemical plant in Louisiana with DuPont. She stayed with the job for about a year before returning to Delaware to care for her sick grandfather. She took on small jobs in the area, and started competing in ballroom dancing competitions for fun. Anyi Lu stayed in the area for a few years, before relocating with the job to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, Lu met her husband, David Spatz. They married in 2002 and the change sparked a new interest in Lu’s life, she proceeded to take different classes in painting and design.

In 2003, Lu’s sister asked her to help her find some comfortable shoes for her wedding reception, and the rest is history. This request sparked something inside Lu, and she saw the huge market for women’s footwear. She strived to redefine women’s footwear, making shoes that are both beautiful and comfortable.

Her line, ANYI LU, was immediately picked up by various department stores including Nordstrom Rack.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile are, NY Times article written by the entrepreneur, Fortune article published in February 2015, article from the Denver Post from 2011, and the entrepreneur’s Twitter account.

Companies and Investments

ANYI LU footwear (Founder)

Lessons Learned

If someone would have told me back in the late 90’s that I would wind up designing shoes for a living, I would have thought they were joking. You can never be too sure where life will take you, but it’s important to always have an open mind and be open to new adventures and new opportunities. On the surface, shoe design doesn’t seem more complex than styling; but when it comes down to it, there is actually a lot of science and engineering that goes into creating a perfect shoe.

Don’t limit yourself to one field. Think of interesting and new ways to merge your interests and you can create a whole future for yourself. The reason ANYI LU has become the success it is today, is because it’s something practical and necessary.

Inspiring Quotes

Anyi Lu's Quotes

My goal is to make women’s lives easier.

Anyi Lu

I love beautiful things, but the motivation was coming from need in marketplace. With my background as an engineer, I just wanted to solve a problem.

Anyi Lu

When customers would approach me and tell me how my shoes changed their lives, how they felt confident and beautiful again by being able to put on a pair of heels, I felt that I was truly doing something good.

Anyi Lu

I was much older when I finally figured out there were many ways to define success.

Anyi Lu

If we can send men walking on the moon, how can we not have a collection of shoes for women that we can look chic and walk 10 hours a day in?

Anyi Lu

I tend to look at shoe engineering from a fit perspective.

Anyi Lu

Influential Books

Jamé Heskett M.D. - The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Life

- Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe


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