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Anna Schneider

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Originally from New York, Dr. Anna Schneider now calls Oakland, California home. Before beginning her work out west Anna pursued her Bachelor of Science at the University of Washington. During her undergraduate study Schneider worked as a Research Assistant from 2003 to 2006. She then went on to work as a Program Associate Intern at Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development. Completing the internship program, Schneider accepted a position with 3TIER. Located in Seattle, she worked as a Wind Energy Resource Assessment Analyst for a year (2007-2008). Her responsibilities included tasks like generating and studying historical weather data, contributions to the global wind map, work with software, and more.

In 2008 Dr. Schneider began her Biophysics PhD program at UC Berkley. Her PhD program was based on the thesis of “patten formation in photosynthetic membranes: a physical and statistical approach”. Her studies allowed her to develop complex models of studied behaviors. Graduating with a PhD from UC in 2013, Schneider continued her pursuit of the STEM industry (science, technology, engineering, and math). As Anna’s first position with a doctorate, she began work as a Software Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Her work here included the creation of new front-end features for online retailers. During her work with the national lab, Dr. Schneider also directed her attention to her own brainchild—WattTime. WattTime is Anna’s start-up, a nonprofit that assists users in knowing when energy is cleanest, and best for use via smartphone. WattTime aims to reduce carbon footprint by guiding users through the sustainable energy consumption. The company also works to increase revenue for wind farms, fundraise, promote awareness and more.

Schneider has been honored as one of Forbes 30 under 30, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and more. When not conquering the STEM industry and creating sustainable energy resources, Anna enjoys baking, hiking, and spending time with good friends and great cats.

Companies and Investments

WattTime (Co-Founder, CTO), Software Engineer (Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory), UC Berkeley (Biophysics PhD Candidate), 3TIER (Wind Energy Resource Assessment Analyst), Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Program Associate Intern), University of Washington Biochemistry (Research Assistant)

Lessons Learned

By promoting awareness we can tackle a problem. I have learned in my entrepreneurial and academic research that the energy problems we have will not be addressed with awareness and evidence. By closely studying energy and the optimal ways to use it, I have been able to share this knowledge in a consumable and usable way—by smartphone. A reduction of our carbon footprint is important, but many people do not know how to go about decreasing our environmental effects. By offering consumers a real solution, rather than merely addressing a problem, they can really understand the heart of the issue and what they can do to combat it. The same can be said for any other product or effort you wish to address, rather than just outlining the problem, you can provide evidence and a solution to find success in your entrepreneurship.

Inspiring Quotes

Its not about technology for its own sake. Its about being able to implement your ideas.

James Hague

Anna Schneider's Quotes

Dont despair that people care too little about the environment. Often, we care more than we can stand.

Anna Schneider

Cleanweb should be about sustainability, and undervaluing sharing economy part-time workers isnt sustainable.

Anna Schneider

Im a woman in STEM, but exactly which letter of STEM varies.

Anna Schneider

Influential Books


Gavin McCormick