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Anna Bond

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Anna was born and raised in New Jersey, before leaving for school in Virginia. Anna dedicated her studies to graphic design, which would later pay off more than she could imagine. Relocating to Orlando, FL in 2006—Bond accepted a position as the Art Director of Relevant Media Group. It was in Central Florida that she met Orlando-native, Nathan Bond. Nathan was working as a full-time musician, and touring with his band in the early days of the relationship. Anna followed his lead, leaving behind Relevant Media Group to pursue more flexible, freelance work. Anna and Nathan were married in 2008. She created a custom design for their wedding invitation that was professionally printed on all of the invites. Anna’s custom stationary creation for her wedding peaked the interests’ of many wedding attendees. Soon she was receiving requests for other personalized stationary designs. Anna began creating design, and the couple realized they had a business that had blossomed. In 2009, Rifle Paper Co. was launched out of the newlyweds’ apartment.

Rifle Paper Co. started in 2009 as a stationary company, but has since branched out. They classify themselves as a lifestyle company, providing beautiful products for many aspects of your life. As Creative Director, Anna takes inspiration for the designs from fashion, materials, books, and nature. She enjoys looking to other stationary creators to see what else is being done, but prides Rife Paper Co. on its uniqueness. Anna does not consider herself to be an illustrator or a graphic design, but more so a balance of the two roles. Rifle Paper Co. is based in Winter Park, Florida and employs over 120 people.

Companies and Investments

Rifle Paper Co. (Co-Founder, Creative Director)

Lessons Learned

With experience in the business world the most important things I have learned are the importance of fearlessness and flexibility. When we first started Rifle Paper Co. everything was up in the air. We threw ourselves into the project, and I began designing before anything was settled. These early designs landed us our first account, Anthropologie. My first account was an absolute dream. If we had been afraid to start running full speed, we may not have had this early success. The fear of making a mistake will be more self-punishing then the pay off of fearless and flexible decisions.

Inspiring Quotes

It’s just another Manic Monday.

The Bangles

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Anna Bond's Quotes

I love purposeful imperfection.

Anna Bond

Most of my designs come from things that I’m interested in and inspired by.

Anna Bond

It’s important to find your own voice in order to succeed.

Anna Bond

I’d never quite felt like I was just an illustrator or just a graphic designer. Stationery really became the perfect mix of the two.

Anna Bond

My favorite medium is gouache, which is like an opaque watercolor.

Anna Bond

It helps me to write out my thoughts and process my ideas before I start to paint anything.

Anna Bond

Influential Books


Oscar de la Renta