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Ann Scott Plante

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Ann Scott Plante is the co-founder of Wello. Her first job was as a tennis instructor and she is still an avid tennis player. While at college, she was a Davison I tennis player. She graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Business/Economics and then obtained her MBA in 2011 from Stanford University School of Business.

She first worked for Bain and Company (2006-2009) and was also employed by Apollo Philanthropy Partners. She served as CEO and co-founder of Wello.

Wello is a service-based company in San Francisco, California that links people with personal trainers via online video chat. She founded the company in 2011 with Leslie Silverglide. Weight Watchers purchased Wello from the two in 2014. Scott-Plante now serves as the Vice President of Products at Weight Watchers.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile are Stanford Business and Fitness Tech.

Companies and Investments

Wello.com (Co-Founder, Co-CEO), Weight Watchers (Vice President of Product), Apollo Philanthropy Partners (Associate), Bain & Company (Senior Associate Consultant)

Lessons Learned

It is very important to not overwork your employees. You, as the owner, want everyone to work around the clock for your company, but people will burn out working that way.

Rewards are also important. You can have a rigorous job, but it needs to be supported by compliments and positivity. We lost a very important person because we overworked her and didn’t recognize that she needed support, less work, and more recognition of the things she was accomplishing. You have to take care of your people.

Humility is an important trait to have. It is necessary that you can laugh at yourself, because there are times in the business day when that is needed.

Inspiring Quotes

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

Amelia Earhart

Ann Scott Plante's Quotes

I’m incredibly competitive. I want to excel at any given time. I am constantly trying to learn and do better. I never reach the perfect state.

Ann Scott Plante

I like doing and moving quickly and making a difference. It’s enriching and rewarding to make things that impact people.

Ann Scott Plante

We make easier for people to stay fit.

Ann Scott Plante

Influential Books

Marty Cagan - By Marty Cagan - Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love (2008-07-03) Hardcover


Bill Gates, Elon Musk