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Angie O Brien

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In 2004, Angie OBrien and her husband Kevin started their company Pet Relocation. The company specializes in personalized pet moving services. The Texas company prides itself on its service and care of the pets and the pets’ owners. Google, Pepsi, and Boeing employees are some of the customers. The team will handle all paper work and regulations involved with moving internationally. If the pet has a lay over of any length, Pet Relocations will arrange for a pet walker in that city to exercise the pet.

The company of 30 employees has been given numerous accolades such as the Rackspace Fanati Award for Outstanding Customer Service. Angie serves as the CFO of the company. The company has moved reptiles, horse, fish, dog, and cats among other animals. The company’s revenue has increased at 30% each year for each five years. The anticipated revenue for 2014 is ten million dollars.

Companies and Investments

Pet Relocation (Co-founder)

Lessons Learned

We have a house full of children and pets. In our business it is important to remember that to many people, pets are like family members. Keeping in mind how valuable pets are to people , has been a lesson that has guided me in our industry. We try to use this lesson at Pet Relocations to treat each move with the utmost care and consideration. One of our very first moves was in a car with a talking parrot. For three hours, the parrot talked to me just like a person!

Inspiring Quotes

There’s nothing better than landing in a new place, and having your dogs arrive on your front step three hours later.

Bridget Peelman

Angie O Brien's Quotes

Our team of Pet Relocation Specialists navigates the various country requirements and they use extensive, specialized knowledge to handle everything, making life much easier for pet owners facing a move.

Angie O Brien

Pets are family, period.

Angie O Brien

Influential Books

Christopher R. Weingarten - Hipster Puppies