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Angie Hicks

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Angie Hicks is an influential American businesswoman who co-founded Angie’s List, a U.S. based paid subscription website that allows consumers to review local businesses. Hicks attended DePauw UNiversity, receiving a bachelor’s degree in economics, and went on to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School soon thereafter. In 1995, Hicks partnered with Bill Oesterle with the intention of solving the age-old problem faced by homeowners’ of how to find reliable, trustworthy local service.

The company first launched in Columbus, Ohio in May of 1996 and would soon relocate to Indianapolis. In the beginning, Hicks went door-to-door, signing up consumers as members and collecting reviews and ratings of local companies. In 1999, the company’s database was moved to the Internet and the customer base grew exponentially throughout the United States. By 2013, Angie’s List had more than 70.000 subscribers.

Today Hicks is a member of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is co-founder of The Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program, which provides a fellowship opportunity at Indianapolis-area businesses to recent grads of Indiana schools or Indiana residents.

Companies and Investments

Angie’s List (Founder and CEO)

Lessons Learned

Build a company that is going to last, but that also gives investors the chance to exit.

The best way to learn what your customers are looking for is to go right to the source.

Customers are looking for a common theme, a fair system, and a place to be involved. If you can deliver on all these points, you will be successful.

The company culture you create will make or break your business.

When offerings goods or services online, it is important to do your best to recreate the perfect transaction, every single time.

Crowdsourcing is a great opportunity for startups and young entrepreneurs to connect and share with others.

Be strategic and do your best to roll out your product or service early, especially in big cities. Do everything you can to not ‘dance around’ your opening.

Success is about embracing failure and learning from it.

Inspiring Quotes

Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously

Alex Trebek

Angie Hicks 's Quotes

The secret, which isn’t really so much a secret as it is a really hard thing to do, is to not give up

Angie Hicks

It’s less about what you sacrifice and more about what you prioritize. The best advice I got early on: Only make your family a priority

Angie Hicks

Work hard, be honest, be frugal

Angie Hicks

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