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Andy McLoughlin

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Based in San Francisco, Andy McLoughlin is the co-founder and EVP of Strategy of Huddle. McLoughlin manages Huddle’s growing U.S. presence and is responsible for corporate development and product strategy.

Since co-founding the business with Alastair, McLoughlin has guided Huddle to become one of Europe’s most awarded and well-known technology start-ups. Since launch, McLoughlin has been responsible for a number of business areas including technology, product development, marketing and business development.

Previously, McLoughlin worked as a consultant and product manager for KnowledgeCenter Ltd., a boutique content management and business process automation consultancy focused on the insurance and finance markets. McLoughlin’s clients spanned the UK, Europe, and US.

Prior to KnowledgeCenter, McLoughlin was online manager for Fibernet Group plc, a FTSE 250-listed telecommunications company. McLoughlin is a keen advocate of entrepreneurship and co-founded the popular DrinkTank entrepreneur networking event with Alastair Mitchell.

As well as mentoring early stage European businesses, McLoughlin regularly speaks and blogs on entrepreneurship, the social web and the consumerization of enterprise software.

McLoughlin holds a BA in Economics from the University of Sheffield.

Companies and Investments

Huddle (co-founder, EVP Strategy), KnowledgeCenter Ltd (consultant).

Postmates (investor), Buffer (investor), Intercom (investor), Pipedrive (investor), Hullabalu (investor), RolePoint (investor), Tray.io (investor), Bugsnag (investor), Thread (investor), Calm.com (investor), Secret Escapes (investor), Apiary (investor), Import.io (investor), Zesty (investor), Marvel (investor), Cloud66 (investor).

Lessons Learned

1) Hire the right people.

2) Don’t run out of money.

3) Always have a North Star.

Inspiring Quotes

Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.

Albert Einstein

Andy McLoughlin's Quotes

Cold emails from recruiters / outsourcers / whoever that start with

Andy McLoughlin

People tweeting thanks x for doing y is my favorite passive aggressive way to get faceless companies to actually somehow give a shit.

Andy McLoughlin

Influential Books

- Kill Your Friends by Niven, John (2009)


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