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Andy Berliner

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Andy Berliner is an American entrepreneur and businessman who co-founded Amy’s Kitchen with his wife, Rachel. The couple started the company in 1987, the year their daughter, Amy, was born. When Rachel was pregnant with Amy, the couple began to notice that there was a lack of ready-to-eat, healthy food on the market. Inspired by this hole in the market, Amy’s Kitchen was born. Today, all of Amy’s 250+ products are vegetarian and made with organic ingredients. The company also has more than 130 gluten-free options.

Prior to founding Amy’s Kitchen, Berliner attended Purdue University and went on to serve as president and a large shareholder of Magic Mountain Herb Tea company, the first herbal tea widely distributed in grocery stores. The couple is now based in California, which is where Amy’s Kitchen started. Berliner’s role in the company includes providing overall leadership and helping to formulate marketing and sales strategy.

Companies and Investments

Amy’s Kitchen (Co-Founder), Magic Mountain Herbal Tea Company (President)

Lessons Learned

You will quickly find that running your own business comes with a big learning curve. You must be able to make adjustments and learn as you go.

The key to finding success is to care about your customers and listen to them. They will prove to be your biggest resource.

Take pride in what you do and the product or service you are putting out there.

Don’t do something simply for the fame or because you think you can. Instead, focus on putting something on the market that people will actually be interested in, and that hasn’t been done before.

Inspiring Quotes

Andy Berliner's Quotes

We dont launch something if we think someones out there doing a better job, we only step in if we feel were going to make a real difference.

Andy Berliner

We feel that there is a great deal of potential for natural foods in Europe as a whole and Asia. I have traveled through most of the world this year, and I was surprised at how much opportunity there is.

Andy Berliner

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