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Andrew Zinger

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Andrew Zinger is a native of France living in San Francisco, California. He enjoys playing competitive hockey in his spare time, and he is a family man with a wife and two kids. He moved to California in 2009, when he joined the Salesforce team as Senior Manager.

CEO Marc Benioff founded Salesforce in 1999. The company is best known for it customer relationship management, or CRM, software. The company provides CRM services to customers, providing them with the best customer service possible. New employees undergo training in the Salesforce boot camp facility. This week long training session is required for new Salesforce employees. Faces of the training session include seasoned salespeople ready to be molded by the Salesforce way.

With a combination of old school techniques and current technology, the training session aims to get employees making sales and putting points on the board as soon as possible. Construction of a Salesforce Tower is in the works. The goal for completion is 2017, and this is where the magic of Salesforce will take place upon completion.

In addition to learning the techniques to close deals, salespeople of Salesforce are also faced with contemplative tasks like, “Brainstorm about how you would like your best-referenced customers to describe you." Think about what would be valued by customers and their business, and then do your best to meet this goal. This is how achievement is made. Salesforce acquired InStranet in 2008 for $31.5 million, and continues to grow.

Companies and Investments

Salesforce (Senior Manager)

Lessons Learned

We will better meet the needs of consumers, if we understand their story. It's how to better understand the perspective and ever-growing demographic.

I have found success with Salesforce by taking the time to get to know people’s story. I feel this is important because by understanding our pasts and weaving them into the future of Salesforce, we will better be able to meet the needs of consumers.

By learning the story of all that I encounter, I equip himself with the perspectives, ideas, and experiences of an ever-growing demographic. Salesforce prides itself on the idea that this business is a marathon, not a sprint. Over the course of the marathon I will encounter many occurrences, obstacles and experience that will shape your salesmanship and entrepreneurship. These lessons have shaped me and shaped the company.

Inspiring Quotes

Were not the hero in our customers stories.

Kardyhym Kelly

Brainstorm about how you would like your best-referenced customers to describe you.

Tony Rodoni

Andrew Zinger's Quotes

My name is Andrew Zinger, and I work at Salesforce! It feels good to say that! Lets all say that together!

Andrew Zinger

Someone sneezes on the work shuttle...Then sniffs...a lot...do you offer them a Kleenex, or will they take it wrong way?

Andrew Zinger

Youve probably started to recognize here at Salesforce that storytelling is very, very important. It can be the foundation of things like the corporate pitch and your interactions with your customers and prospects. Its important to weave your past experiences into your journey here at Salesforce.

Andrew Zinger

I work at Salesforce. You can now walk up to people on the street and say that. It gives you a tingly feeling in your body. Like, four-beers-deep tingly. Its fantastic. So, welcome.

Andrew Zinger

Influential Books

Walter A. Friedman - Birth of a Salesman: The Transformation of Selling in America


Lowell George, John Henry Patterson