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Andrew Warner

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Andrew Warner was an internet entrepreneur in the late 1990s who made his first millions selling online greeting cards. He later sold the company (Bradford & Reed) to Brad Greenspan. After that, he went on to create Mixergy, a site where he provides entrepreneur interviews and courses.

Companies and Investments

Bradford and Reed (co-founder), Mixergy(founder)

Lessons Learned

Real value wins out in the long run Andrew Warner created the site Mixergy.com, where he interviews all sorts of entrepreneurs in depth. At first, there were only a few listeners and viewers. But Andrew believed in his mission to spread truly useful info to entrepreneurial upstarts. After working on Mixergy live events and online interviews for years, Mixergy has interviewed nearly 1000 entrepreneurs and is one of the go-to sites for entrepreneurs who aren't satisfied with sound bites and want in-depth details.

One thing Andrew provides in spades is depth. He isn't afraid to ask tough questions and grill his guests. Unlike news sites that often read like a resume coupled with a few anecdotes, Andrew gets into the nitty-gritty of business development, executing ideas, dealing with trouble etc. This has been an outstanding differentiator compared to other providers of startup advice. With a database of nearly 1000 interviews, it is also a great magnet for traffic and sign of credibility.

Inspiring Quotes

Do not be a dreamer. Manifest that dream. Build it. Write the code. Spin up the service. Hire. Create.

Gary Tan

Andrew Warner's Quotes

I have to build something bigger than Bradford & Reed or else I will spend the rest of my life looking back at the good old days. And that is not the kind of life I want. On to bigger and better.

Andrew Warner

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