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Andrew Carnegie

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For many people, Carnegie is the embodiment of the, "American dream." He immigrated to America from Scotland with his parents as a young child, and he went on to establish an empire of successful businesses, ultimately reinvesting the wealth he amassed towards the betterment of society and his philanthropic endeavors. He is not only known for his extraordinary financial successes but also the extent of his contribution to charity, including investments in efforts to promote democracy and independence in newly colonized countries.

Companies and Investments

- J. Edgar Thomson Steel Works

- Carnegie Steel Company

- Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel Works

- Lucy Furnaces

- Union Iron Mills

- Union Mill (Wilson, Walker & County)

- Keystone Bridge Works

- Hartman Steel Works

- Frick Coke Company

- Scotia ore mines

Lessons Learned

1. Share the Wealth.

Carnegie spent the latter half of his life redistributing the wealth that he had accumulated during his career, and he was a fierce advocate for the obligation of the wealthy to reinvest their profits to better the country. Carnegie believed that an entrepreneur's life should be made up of 2 phases--the first to build & amass wealth and the second to use his wealth to help fund charitable organizations. For him, the 2nd phase of this life-the philanthropy-was what made his career worthwhile.

2. To be Rich, Start Poor.

Carnegie believed firmly that those who were once poor were far more likely to become rich in their lives than those born into wealth passed down from their parents. His own experience, as a Scottish immigrant who came to America with nothing, provided him with the tools necessary to build wealth. The desire to rise above and achieve a status higher than the one he was born into was a necessary element to his eventual success. He believed that, to attain wealth, you had to yearn for it. If you were born into financial security, you would never be able to recreate the drive inherent to those born into poverty.

Inspiring Quotes

All is well since all grows better.

John Bright

Andrew Carnegie's Quotes

Man does not live by bread alone. I have known millionaires starving for lack of the nutriment which alone can sustain all that is human in man, and I know workmen, and many so-called poor men, who revel in luxuries beyond the power of those millionaires to reach. It is the mind that makes the body rich. There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else. Money can only be the useful drudge of things immeasurably higher than itself

Andrew Carnegie

No idol is more debasing than the worship of money!

Andrew Carnegie

Influential Books

Andrew Carnegie - The Gospel of Wealth Essays and Other Writings (Penguin Classics)


Herbert Spencer, Mark Twain, Grover Cleveland



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