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Andres Alban

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Andres Alban is a Colombian entrepreneur and businessman who has become a rising star in the country’s technology industry. Recognized for his innovative business ideas, Alban co-founded the company, Puntored, with fellow businessman Mauricio Hoyos in 2005. The company is a network of points of sale that is designed to help populations without strong banking infrastructures in place access basic financial services. The duo’s network is based on a technological platform that reaches their audience by conveniently placing kiosks in local shops, an act that has grown to over 47,000 points of sale in 90% of Colombian businesses.

In 2010, Puntored diversified their product offering and increased the number of transactions that could be conducted on their networking platform. It has grown exponentially from a network that was used primarily to charge phone credits to one that can support a broad range of transactions.

Iin 2012, Alban and Hoyos both participated in a leadership program conducted by Stanford University that was designed for Endeavor Entrepreneurs. They have been recognized for their achievements in entrepreneurship and what a huge impact their company has had on Colombian municipalities to date.

Companies and Investments

Puntored (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

Opportunities for business ventures arise all the time, it’s what you do with it that will make you stand apart from the rest.

Do your research and make sure you understand the market before moving forward.

The key to finding success with a new business venture is to be innovative. Everyone thinks they can be a businessman these days, you have to do something different in order to stand out.

Create something that others will find value in.

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We saw the opportunity to democratize electronic transaction in Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean

Andres Alban

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