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Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen

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Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen is the founding developer at Podio. When he’s not working on Podio, he spends all his quarters at the arcade usually playing pinball.

Podio was founded by Jon Froda, Anders Pollas and Pendersen in early 2009. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal quickly joined the team as the chairman. At first, the company was called Hoist. Podio signed up its first customers in August 2009 and was joined by Kasper Hulthin as co-founder.

Podio officially launched in March 2011. As part of the lunch, Podio briefly opened a storefront in San Francisco where people could walk in for help with building apps. In September 2011, Podio launched mobile apps for iPhone and Android. And in April 2012, Citrix acquired Podio.

Pendersen grew up in Denmark. While there, he attended Aalborg Universitet for his bachelor’s degree in communications and for his master’s degree in communication, as well.

Currently, he lives in San Francisco, California with his wife, the writer Brittany Shoot. His hobbies include writing code, semiotics, pinball and taking photos. Every other Wednesday, he is at the San Francisco Pinball Department.

Companies and Investments

Podio (founding developer), Remediate (owner)

Lessons Learned

Travel. See life from different perspectives. Don’t get trapped in a bubble.

Inspiring Quotes

Look out the window. Its sunny every day here. Its like Manifest Destiny. Dont tell me we didnt make it. We made it. We are here.

Brittany Shoot

Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen's Quotes

Marketing phrases that needs to go away no. 312: Bank level security.

Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen

Cross-stitching is the original pixel art. Why havent the hipsters jumped on this one yet?

Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen

I wish for an app for delivery apps to source drivers. Drivers could easily drive for multiple services & wed have fewer cars on the roads.

Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen

Startup idea: Drop The Mic. Tinder for bar owners and independent DJs.

Andreas Haugstrup Pendersen

Influential Books

James Frey - Bright Shiny Morning (P.S.)