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Anbu Anbalagapandian

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Living in a small town in India, Anbu Anbalagapandian learned a sustainable and conscious lifestyle from the start. Her family’s lifestyle of recycling and reusing benefited the environment, but served the purpose of saving money. Anbalagapandian was also instilled with a strong knowledge of science and math from an early age. With this strong foundation of education and knowledge, Anbu went on to study Computer Science & Engineering at Maduri Kamaraj University.

Taking a position at EDS, an HP Company, in 2003, Anbalagapandian worked in design. Responsible for desiging applications for corporate banking’s use, she only worked here for a year. Shortly after, in the new year of 2005, Anbu took on the role of Software Engineer at Vodafone Americas Inc. As part of the global team, working in four different countries, Anbu stayed on for two years. Moving to another HP Company, Palm Inc, Anbu was now work in Account Management, First Use, and Data Transfer Apps. This experience proved to later be helpful at PayPal as a Staff Software Engineer and at Lookout as a Growth & Revenue Lead.

Finally, with plenty of experience under Anbu’s belt, she was inspired. She had always led a socially conscious life, but she saw a new way to combine her technical skills and her modest upbringing. While having a conversation with a friend in Switzerland about sustainable fashion, Anbu had the thought that her skills could help. Orange Harp was created to provide a place for people who would like to make conscious decisions about their purchases. Orange Harp provides “curated collections of products and stories”, to a community of socially conscious likeminded users. The company hopes to not only empower people to support the artisans they purchase from, but to also fight slavery often found in the fashion world. The company is a nickname for the well-known Golden Gate Bridge.

Sources used to create this entrepreneur’s profile include information from personal LinkedIn and Twitter profile, Orange Harp’s homepage and twitter, an interview from Taylor Meadows, Anbu Anbalagapandian: Founder of Orange Harp.

Companies and Investments

Orange Harp (Builder), Lookout (Growth & Revenue Lead), PayPal (Staff Software Engineer), Palm Inc. (Lead Palm Account Management, First Use, Data Transfer Apps), Vodafone Americas Inc (Software Engineer), EDS (Information Associate)

Lessons Learned

Think about what you know and love when beginning a start-up. In the earlier days of Orange Harp, I was faced with fear and obstacles, but my passion outweighed these conditions. I was able to use the knowledge from my native home, the guidance of my sustainable upbringing, and my interest in fashion to fuel Orange Harp to success.

Additionally, in the early stages of your start-up, some of the most important keys success are hiring and planning. In hiring, you want to be selective and really get to know the candidate. Do not make any concessions on hiring, and go with your gut. Taking the time to build a reliable and skilled team can be tedious and challenging, but the payoff will definitely be apparent. Also, when hiring the best team possible you are able to take bigger risks. The greater your risks, the more quickly you will know whether or not these risks will be met with failure.

Inspiring Quotes

Human beings will take your breath away. They will teach you a lot... but you have to engage.

Matt Damon

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Muhammad Ali

Possess your possessions on your own terms, not theirs.

Marie Kondo

After the last No, comes a Yes. On that last Yes, the future world depends.

Wallace Stevens

Anbu Anbalagapandian's Quotes

I grew up in India in a small town with a profound interest in Math and Science.

Anbu Anbalagapandian

We dream of a future where socially conscious living is the reality and Orange Harp is the tool people use to live life to the fullest.

Anbu Anbalagapandian

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