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Amy Stringer-Mowat

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Amy Stringer-Mowat is an American architect, entrepreneur, and business owner who co-founded AHeirloom INC with her husband, Bill Mowat. AHeirloom INC was created in the spring of 2010 when Stringer-Mowat and Bill were at a loss for cheese boards that were personalized for their wedding reception’s cheese display. They decided to craft state-shaped cutting boards that represented their home states (Michigan and Connecticut) and strategically placed a heart on each of their hometowns. The response to their boards was overwhelming and AHeirloom was born.

The first boards were listed on Etsy in December 2010 and AHeirloom was officially established in early 2011.

Prior to founding AHeirloom, Stringer-Mowat received a Masters in Architecture at Columbia University. Together with her background in architecture, and a passion for food, design, and housewares, Stringer-Mowat and Bill combined their skills and interests to launch AHeirloom. In the summer of 2014 they introduced a mini board version of their best-selling state cutting boards. Today Stringer-Mowat manages the Brooklyn-based company and Bill handles the production of their orders while also working as a partner for a successful fabrication shop.

Companies and Investments

AHeirloom INC (Owner & Designer), Associated Fabrication LLC (Co-Founder and Partner) Kiehl’s Since 1851 (Store Designer)

Lessons Learned

Never settle. Always keep your eyes open and look for new ways to help your company grow.

Customer service is key. Paying a great deal of attention to your customer base and what the market is looking for will take you a lot further.

One of the key’s to our success has been by aesthetically improving our craft, maintaining our logo and brand, and constantly making changes that will benefit our purpose.

Understanding how the market ebbs and flows with the different seasons will make a huge difference in how well your business does, especially in regards to the holiday season.

Move at your own pace. Don’t compare your own progress or successes to others.

Inspiring Quotes

Amy Stringer-Mowat's Quotes

For me, figuring out how something is made that I can’t puts me in a creative rut.

Amy Stringer-Mowat

Everyone is open to collaborations right now, which is incredible.

Amy Stringer-Mowat

We’ve sold 33,000 cutting boards on Etsy in four years by adding a new twist to something you probably take for granted

Amy Stringer-Mowat

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