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Amber Case

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Amber Case, graduate of Lewis and Clark College, is an user experience designer from Oregon. Case co-founded Geologi, a location based platform, in 2010 with Aaron Parecki. While at Lewis and Clark College, Case studied Sociology and Anthropology. Esri acquired Geologi in 2012, and now Case operates as the Director. She also serves as Internet Marketing Coordinator at Blue Tech. Her focus is on mobile software, the future roles of location, reduction of space and time for connectivity, and non-visual augmented reality.

Forbes has featured her and in 2012, National Geographic named her as an Emerging Explorer. Time Magazine has also featured her as a 30 Under 30. Case also enjoys speaking and has presented at TED on technology and humans.

Companies and Investments

Geologi (Co-founder), EverCharge (Co-founder), IndieWebCamp (Co-founded)

Lessons Learned

Something New is Learned Everyday Case studies people and their interaction with the wide world of Internet. She surmises that she gathers a new bit of information about people every day. She notes that the parameters of technology create a symbiotic relationship between people and technology. This relationship is fluid depending on people and their surrounding variables. Consequently, a new relationship trend is gathered everyday and hence a new finding concerning work, communication, education, interaction and technology is gleaned.

Inspiring Quotes

The Internet has become a great enabler in democratizing information. The elitism of paid information easily accessible by a rich few has been replaced by a wealth of knowledge accessible via a few mouse clicks in our own homes.

Duncan Riley

Amber Case's Quotes

Only shooting stars break the mold.

Amber Case

Youre either learning or youre dying.

Amber Case

Speak softly and carry a large USB Drive.

Amber Case

The revolution will be stored and archived.

Amber Case

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