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Amanda Lintott

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Amanda Lintott, founder of Career Driven, took her experience in the family automotive business and turned it into something entirely new; a boutique recruiting agency for the automotive industry. After earning her Diploma in Law from the University of Sydney in 1996, Lintott started her career as a lawyer before joining her family in the car industry. Lintott’s father was a prominent Sydney car dealer, and in 2000 she founded Automotive Business Brokers on behalf of her family’s endeavors in the automotive industry. The company, a business and property agency specializing in the automotive industry, helped franchised chains buy or sell their businesses and represented various independently owned automotive industry businesses.

Lintott served as Director and CEO of Automotive Business Brokers for two years, leaving the business in 2002 to take a position as Dealer Principal at her family’s dealership. The dealership, Porsche Centre Sydney, was the largest Porsche Centre in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2007, after running the business for five years, Lintott negotiated it’s sale to Porsche Cars Australia, the Australian subsidiary of the Porsche factory. Ready to start her own business, Lintott set about meeting a gap she’d noticed during her years in the automotive industry, a recruiting agency that truly understood the industry’s HR needs.

In 2008, five months pregnant with her third child, Lintott launched Career Driven, a boutique recruiting agency focused on the automotive industry. At the beginning, Lintott hedged her bets, funding the business without borrowing start-up capital and promising herself that if it didn’t work within a year she would walk away. Luckily, she didn’t have to keep that promise; as of 2012 Career Driven employed seven people and was doubling its revenue every year. The company now offers a range of services to the automotive industry, including both permanent and temporary recruitment, payroll services, and recruitment training programs.

In 2013, Lintott, who was named one of SmartCompany’s ten Australian entrepreneurs to watch that year, founded a second boutique recruitment agency, Networkers Recruitment. The company is Australia's first digital recruitment agency with a specific focus on social media roles.

Companies and Investments

Career Driven (Founder, Director), Networkers Recruitment (Founder, Director), Porsche Centre Sydney South (Dealer Principal), Automotive Business Brokers (Founder, Director, CEO)

Lessons Learned

I felt I needed to be conservative with prices and not be overconfident with what I could do. I went in too low, too early.

I had never done recruitment before and I just was not confident in what I was doing. I thought I’d test the waters and make it easy for people to use us and win people over with good service and good value. It made it hard to break out of that, so six months later I realised that we were charging less than our poorest competitor.

I had a meeting with a major client, [a representative from] Kia Motors, and she said, “Your fees are so low, it makes me feel uncomfortable.” She just could not understand why they were so low and we never got their business. (Amanda Lintott on not underselling yourself or your services, in and interview with SmartCompany)

Make yourself stand out. I believe a large measure of career success is the ability to differentiate yourself. I was lucky enough to have some contacts within the auto industry but that didn't make it any easier to make cold calls to sell my services. I had to work hard to position Career Driven as better than and different to our competitors. My advice is don't waste any time in doing this – be proactive. (Amanda Lintott on the importance of making yourself unique in the market, in an article on Women’s Agenda)

Use your community as support. If you are going to juggle family and business, it is important to stay active with your friends, family and community. Be there for others and they will be there for you when things get crazy. (Amanda Lintott on staying grounded and maintaining your support system, in an article on Women’s Agenda)

Make an improvement every day. This was a throwaway piece of advice given to me when I first started my business but it is a rule that I live by. When you are in business, you have to keep moving forward step by step, the minute you stop making decisions and improvements you go backwards. (Amanda Lintott on never being complacent and focusing on making positive steps every day, in an article on Women’s Agenda)

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Amanda Lintott's Quotes

I think it is a luxury to start your own business.

Amanda Lintott

I believe there are opportunities everywhere.

Amanda Lintott

Be tenacious.

Amanda Lintott

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