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Alfredo Gomez

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Alfredo Gomez is a Chilean entrepreneur and businessman whose most well-known venture is Scrum, a software designed for mining companies. Together with partner Patricio Rojas, Gomez established Scrum as a way for mining companies to track the quality and location of their products from the initial exploration to when they are delivered to the port. The duo’s company is based in Chile’s mining hub of Antofagasta, which has enabled them to secure numerous contracts with several of Chile’s largest mining companies. Prior to founding Scrum, Gomez studied commercial engineering at the Universidad de las Americas before getting a job as an auditor for Ernst & Young. He then worked as a consultant for CORFO, Chile’s economic development firm. While working at CORFO, Gomez started his first company, NorteWeb, which designed and developed websites for more than 100 clients, many of whom were mining companies.

In 2002, Gomez brought Rojas on board and re-branded NorteWeb as Sistemas Norteweb. At this point, the two partners hired a team of five and began working towards their goal of creating a software that was specifically designed for mining companies in Antofagasta. In 2007, they founded Scrum Technologies as an independent company focused on creating a small number of software products. Today Scrum has 18 employees and has been recognized for their successes in the mining industry.

Companies and Investments

Scrum (Co-Founder), NorteWeb (Founder)

Lessons Learned

If you have a product or an idea that others can benefit from, do everything you can to turn it into a reality.

Using your past experiences and connections will go a long way in helping you achieve success.

In most cases, success will not come right away. It is important to recognize this and continue to work towards your goals.

Starting and running your own business isn’t always glamorous, and that’s OK.

Inspiring Quotes

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I saw an opportunity to be a leader in providing integrated technological solutions for mining processes across the Americas

Alfredo Gomez

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