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Alexandre Chemla

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Alexandre Chemla is an accomplished entrepreneur of the travel industry. Before beginning his professional career, he studied at Chachan University, near Paris, France. Graduating with honors in International Business and Finance, Chemla went on to pursue an internationally successful career. With a variety of positions in the industry, Chemla’s most notable experience is at Club Med, Inc.

Chemla worked as the Senior Exectuive at Club Med., Inc. for ten years, learning the crucial in’s and out’s of the travel and hospitality industry. While at this job, Alexandre was a key contributor to the creation of their transportation hub system—creating major profits for Club Med, Inc. He was also responsible for the Incentive Group Sales Department, Corporate Sales, and Marketing. These experiences helped prepare Alexandre for his own start-up.

Launching his start-up in 1991, it is known as Altour. The company was created on vision of a superior travel company, specializing in corporate and luxury travel. The company has maintained more than 20% average annual growth. Altour’s long term success shows the innovative entrepreneurial methods of Chemla. Since Altour’s birth, they now have over 75 locations across the United States and Europe, working with over 1,000 travel professionals.

Aside from Altour, Chemla also serves on the French American Chamber of Commerce (NY Chapter), the French Institute Francaise, the Business Events Committee, and more. He ahs been honored with a Gold Medal for Tourism by the French Tourism Office and also named an honorary member of the French-American Aid for Children.

Companies and Investments

Altour (Founder, President), Club Med, Inc. (Senior Executive), Hyatt Corporation (Consultant), Disney (Hotel Consultant)

Lessons Learned

It is not only important to have a strong business idea, but to also consider the best market for you business. I have lived and worked all around the world, but I have found no professional landscape more suitable to my needs than the United States. This may not be the case for you as an entrepreneur. My travel company, Altour, very much thrives on the American dream. Providing luxurious and corporate travel amenities, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations. The vendors, clients, and atmosphere necessary to keep Altour’s essence afloat is the US market. Choose your market wisely for maximized success.

Inspiring Quotes

The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.

Wallace Stevens

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty “yes” to your adventure.

Joseph Campbell

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

St. Augustine

Alexandre Chemla's Quotes

I have always been a risk-taker, and more than anything, that quality has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities whenever I see them, and expand Altour quickly and effectively.

Alexandre Chemla

The spirit of progress behind this company is a very American one.

Alexandre Chemla

I think that the American dream is more alive than it’s ever been. With all the countries I’ve visited, I know without a doubt that there is no other place I would rather live — nowhere with more potential or opportunity.

Alexandre Chemla

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