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Alexandra Wilson Wilkis

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Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is a Harvard graduate, who just happens to speak five different languages. After she graduated from business school, she first worked for Louis Vuitton and Bulgari. She and Alexis Maybank co-founded the Gilt Group in 2007. The Gilt Group is a New York City based company, which is an online clothing retailer. Alexandra was the Chief Merchandising Officer of the Gilt Group.

Wilson also co-founded the GlamSquad with two friends from her days at Harvard, David Goldweitz and Jason Perri.. Victoria Eisner is the other co-founder of GlamSquad. The goal of GlamSquad is to make women’s lives easier at a price that is still affordable to the average woman. It is a mobile services company. It offers two different beauty services for makeup and for hair, which come to the customer’s office or home. The services are ordered via a mobile app. Wilson serves as the CEO of the company, which was founded in January of 2014.

Companies and Investments

Gilt Group (Co-Founder), GlamSquared (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

You should build a strong network of personal connections. Networking is very important. You need to touch bases with people, and then learn to keep in touch with people. You never know when you may need these people you have networked and connected with. You should also always make it a point to be a good person. Be the best person you can be.

Additionally, you should know what you are good at doing. The sooner you can discover what you are good at, the better off you will be. You should also find something that excites you. You should want to jump out of bed and want to go to work each day.

Inspiring Quotes

Alexandra Wilson Wilkis's Quotes

I usually do not take no for an answer.

Alexandra Wilson Wilkis

I am goal oriented.

Alexandra Wilson Wilkis

Were serving an on-demand customer who wants to get a blowout today, but we also have a client whos planning in advance for a week or a month from now and she wants a specific time booked with us. We can do that immediate gratification and we can also plan ahead.

Alexandra Wilson Wilkis

Women need more role models. Women lack confidence. Women need to get more comfortable asking others for favors.

Alexandra Wilson Wilkis

Influential Books

Alexis Maybank - By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop


Mandy Grossman