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Alexander Aghassipour

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Alexander Aghassipour was born in Copenhagen but now currently resides in California. He studied at Danmarks Ingenior Akademi where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and then went on to pursue a Master’s Degree at the Technical University of Denmark. Computers and technology have been instilled into his life since an early age.

Aghassipour began working as a consultant at the German owned IT service provider, Materna. It was while working here that he was reunited with old friend, Mikkel Saven. The two had been friends for many years, but had not spoken until working under the same roof. Aghassipour and Saven, along with third co-founder – Morten Primdahl – came to a unanimous agreement that the time had come for them to really pursue what they were passionate about: constructing amazing products.

The idea was there, but the trio remained unsure as to what product to create. Finally, they realized that the opportunity with the most room for improvement was right in front of them – the very computer systems they had been working with for years. Aghassipour had voiced his complaints of the difficulty of working with these systems several times, and thus, Zendesk was founded; an easy to use software that allowed for better customer service, something that would bring a ‘zen’ like feel to the chaotic world of customer service.

For seven years now, Aghassipour has been, and remains, the self proclaimed “Product Mother” of Zendesk. The company has now reached a number of countries and has allowed for happy customers around the world, staying true to their original philosophy to “be genuine, listen to customers, and keep it beautifully simple.”

Companies and Investments

Zendesk (Co-Founder, CPO)

Lessons Learned

As with most other representatives of the customer service industry, managing customers is one of the most difficult experiences one can have. Unfortunately, for the most part, customers are not reaching out to customer support to express their happiness with a service or product. Aghassipour stresses the importance of managing the unhappy customers, and remembering that ultimately, the goal at Zendesk is to bring some peace to their situation.

Inspiring Quotes

Dear software developers: I can’t think of a single time I wanted the formatting to carry over when copying and pasting text.

Quinn Warnick

Disregard competitors. Acquire ecstatic customers.

Joseph Ruscio

Alexander Aghassipour's Quotes

I read the Good Book. Then I read some better ones.

Alexander Aghassipour

Humans are organic robots, programmed by DNA to do what they do and how they do it.

Alexander Aghassipour

Influential Books

Ben Horowitz - The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers


Bill Gates, Nolan Bushnell, Marc Hedlund