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Alex Chung

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Alex Chung is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Giphy, an online database and search engine that provides users with animations to share. Together with friend Jace Cooke, Chung started Giphy in February 2013. The idea for the concept came to the duo during a brunch discussion of how there needs to be more ways for people to visually communicate with one another. Chung began contacting friends and within several hours had investors lined up. At the time of the launch, Giphy was solely a search engine for GIFs. It has since grown to allow users to post, embed, and share GIFs on Facebook and other social media platforms. One of the first employees Chung brought onto the team of Adam Leibsohn, a college philosophy friend.

Over the last several years, Chung has led numerous investment endeavors, including a $2.4 million funding round in 2014 and a $17 million funding round in 2015. In February 2016, Chung and Giphy raised $55 million in funding, which equated to a $300 million valuation. In October 2016, an announcement was made stating that Giphy has more than 100 million daily users and serves more than 1 billion GIFs each day.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile include a January 2016 article in Bloomberg Business, a May 2016 article from TechCrunch, and an article in the June 2016 issue of WIRED Magazine.

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Giphy (Co-Founder & CEO)

Lessons Learned

Be different and do your research. If you see a market for something, go for it.

It’s OK to be a little bit ahead of the times, just make sure you aren’t stepping too far outside of people’s comfort zones.

Make sure you surround yourself with others that can benefit your overall vision and goals.

Your team is everything. If you don’t have good people around you, you may be in trouble.

Think about the future and what you can do to make it better. If you have an idea, turn it into a reality as best you can.

Inspiring Quotes

Alex Chung's Quotes

We have pretty good tracking of where GIFs are going. On other networks, we know what users are looking for.

Alex Chung

In a world where mobile messaging needs a native ad format, GIF is the perfect format for that

Alex Chung

We’re still on the exponential hockey stick growth and it’s not slowing down. We’re on that pre-revenue growth phase

Alex Chung

We’re the biggest Internet startup people are seeing right now.

Alex Chung

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