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Alberto Osio

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With a business degree from the Universidad Anahuac and an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alberto Osio was destined set for success in the entrepreneurial world. After completing his bachelor degree at the Universidad Anahuac, Osio accepted a position at Gurpo Herdez in Mexico City. Alberto leaves this position behind in 2000, accepting a new marketing associate position for Hormel.

Leaving Hormel in 2003, Alberto focuses on his education. Joining the Sloan School of Management, he became a fellow and then went on to graduate with an MBA in 2006. It was while working on this degree that the idea for his first successful start-up came to him. Conceiving Yolia Health, Alberto wanted to create a biomedical company for non-invasive eye correction. He was able to raise over one million dollars in seed capital for Yolia Health while still studying at MIT.

Following graduation, Yolia Health continued to grow. The technology behind Yolia Health is studied at Jansseen Lab in La Jolla, CA. The company and Osio have been honored with many patents and awards like Mexico’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs by CNN, support from CONACYT, and more. In addition to his biomedical work, Osio has also served as a member on many boards, the most current including groups like SouthDoctors and Grupo Gasolinero Rendi Litros.

Companies and Investments

Yolia Health (Co-Founder, President, CEO), Angel Ventures Mexico (Director), Grupo Gasolinero Rendi Litros (Board Member), SouthDoctors (Advisor), MIT (Mentor), clickOnero (Board Member), Capital Indigo (Board Member), Hormel (Marketing Associate), Grupo Herdez (Executive)

Lessons Learned

Working in a field that is cutting edge can sometimes make testing technologies and gaining approvals challenging. Working in the biomedical field of ophthalmology has resulted in many roadblocks. By practicing smart and conventional business practices, like licensing in Mexico, but incorporating in the United States—allow Yolia Health to be successful despite some potential challenges. I know that these biomedical technologies are the healthcare of the future, so I must commit myself to breaking into the market and bringing products to new customers far and wide. If you find challenges in the road to releasing your product always be sure to keep in the bigger picture in mind.

Inspiring Quotes

Alberto Osio's Quotes

Our clear advantage is a safe and semi-permanent solution. Imagine having to wear contact lenses daily for the rest of your life, and then imagine yourself wearing a set of contact lenses for seven days or less once every 6 months or every year.

Alberto Osio

It is sad to see great entrepreneurs and scientists fail in Mexico due to the lack of financing.

Alberto Osio

Yolia followed a common biotech strategy – to seek government approval outside the US. In our case, we did this in Mexico, where we are FDA approved. We also have patents granted for China, Egypt, Singapore and South Africa. Today we have clinical data, and sales – essentially the ‘proof of concept’.

Alberto Osio

Influential Books


Dr. Alberto Osio, Hunter Walk, Reid Hoffman