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Alastair Mitchell

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Alastair Mitchell is the founder and president of Huddle.com.

Mitchell founded Huddle alongside Andy McLoughlin after being frustrated by existing enterprise technology’s inability to help people work together. Spending millions of dollars on a SharePoint implementation, only to watch it fail dismally was the final straw. In contrast, collaboration apps in our social lives just worked.

As a result, Huddle was born. Since setting up the company in 2006, Alastair has grown Huddle in London, San Francisco, and New York, raising an excess of $40 million in funding and seeing sales triple year on year.

Mitchell’s 12-year-long career has followed the trajectory of the Internet. After his startup, an online media business, Mitchell moved into b2b online exchanges and built the first global soft commodities marketplace. When the business got bought-out by one of its investors, Mitchell moved to Dunnhumby. Here he led its web-based marketing intelligence product from zero to $60 million sales within four years. He joined the board in 2005 to head up a 300 person global team, running their shopper loyalty practise. When Dunhumby was purchased by Tesco, Mitchell started Huddle.

Alastair graduated from Southampton University with an MEng in Naval Architecture. As a passionate supporter of other entrepreneurs and the London start-up scene, Alastair co-founded the popular DrinkTank event and spends his free time investing in and mentoring other start-ups.

Companies and Investments

Huddle (founder, president, former CEO), A-Ventures.co.uk (founder)

Lessons Learned

1) Carefully consider your options. Before you take the plunge and go down the venture capital (VC) route, step back and consider if this is definitely a journey you are prepared to go on. There is no doubt VC funding will enable you to rapidly grow your business and enable you to build a better, more-focused product without the distraction of revenue generation from the outset. But, in turn, you are also committing to an aggressive growth curve and all the risks and capital implications that come with it

2)Blow your own trumpet. With so much competition for cash, you need to get your company noticed and make sure you are as visible as possible. If you can convince movers and shakers that what you are doing is a great idea – and you have the courage to get out there and talk about it – your credibility will increase. Attend as many networking events as possible as they’re great places to meet VCs, spread the word about your company and provide an excellent opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is an addiction and many people will have been through the mill a few times and have a great contacts book of investors. There’s every chance that they will know someone who might be interested in funding your company.

Inspiring Quotes

Collaboration isn’t just file sharing, it’s then making sure we can work on it together and discover relevant useful content.

Andy McLoughlin

Do. Or do not. There is no try.


Alastair Mitchell's Quotes

We’re probably a few years away from it still. But who knows, we’re growing really fast. Its an extraordinarily rapid rate at the moment, which is very exciting. Theres lots of of news to announce in a while. Lots of things to do. Honestly, we’re just focusing on building a big business fast. Really fast.

Alastair Mitchell

Influential Books

Mike Breen - Huddle Participant Guide


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