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Alan Sugar

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Alan Sugar is an English business magnate, media personality, and outspoken supporter of young entrepreneurs. Ranked as the 110th richest person in the UK in 2014, Sugar has appeared on the BBC TV series, The Apprentice, since 2005. Commonly known as Lord Sugar, he is also the founder of Amstrad, which is his largest business venture. Born in 1947 into a Jewish family in east London, Sugar founded Amstrad in 1968. The company started as a general importer/exporter and wholesaler, but soon got into the consumer electronics industry. At its peak Amstrad had a stock market value of 1.2 billion. However, the 1990s proved to be difficult and, in 2007, Sugar sold the company to broadcaster BSkyB for 125 million.

In 1991 Sugar purchased the football team Tottenham Hotpsur. The new venture turned out to be a rocky one and Sugar sold most of his share of the club in 2001. At this point Sugar entered into many other business endeavors, including Amsair Executive Aviation, an investment firm called Amsprop, and an IT services provider, Viglen Ltd.

In 2000, Sugar was recognized for his contributions to the business world. He has also received two honorary Doctorates of Science, the first from City University in 1988 and the second from Brunel University in 2005.

Companies and Investments

Tottenham Hotspur (Owner and Chairman), Amstrad (Founder), Amsair Executive Aviation (Founder), Amsprop (Founder), Viglen Ltd (Owner and Chairman), Amscreen (Chairman)

Lessons Learned

Always be precise and to the point when talking about your business or aspiring business ventures.

Don’t beat around the bush; know what you want and ask for it.

Before any job interview or meeting with a potential business partner, do your research and try to understand the person’s culture, nature, and how they’ve gotten to where they are today.

Never be afraid to ask questions, especially when first interacting with a new company. Make sure the people you plan on working with have the same goals as you do.

Just because you find success early on does not mean it is representative of the way markets normally go.

To me, giving back is important. Always remember where you came from and how you got your start.

Inspiring Quotes

Alan Sugar 's Quotes

I’m always optimistic about the future - you have to be.

Alan Sugar

Successful businessmen and women of this world started from the bottom.

Alan Sugar

Don’t tell me you’re a wonderful person to get on with, or about your hobbies. I’m just interested in how you qualified and how long you’ve stayed at each job.

Alan Sugar

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