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Alan S. Knitowski

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Alan Knitowski is a serial entrepreneur with a long list of accomplishments. Going back to the start, Knitowski studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Miami—graduating with his BS in 1991. He went on to get his MS in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Insitute of Technology in 1992. After this, Knitowski served our country. Working for the US Army, Knitowski was a Captain of the Corps of Engineers.

After serving in the army for five years, Knitowski departs for the University of California at Berkley. Knitowski enrolls in the school’s MBA program—graduating in 1999. After graduation Knitowski co-founded Vovida Networks. The company provided communication systems for carrier and service provider environments. Vovida Networks was sold to CISCO in 2000.

Knitowski joined the Cisco team after the merge, acting as the Director of Marketing. He was responsible for Cisco’s business and planning strategies. While working at Cisco, Knitowski also had his hand in two other projects. He was acting as the director of vCIS from March 2001 to October 2002. vCIS was an anti-virus and security software company which was purchased by ISSX in 2002, and by IBM in 2006. Knitowski’s other venture, while with Cisco and vCIS, was Telverse Communications.

Knitowksi was a co-founder at Telverse Communications, and also acted as the director. The company was founded in 200, and was another communication systems company. They offered a service known as an “IP Centrex” or “Virtual IP PBX service offerin.” This service is also more currently known as (3)Tone—which was what Level 3 Communications branded the service as after purchasing Telverse Communications in July of 2003.

Leaving behind vCIS in 2002, and Cisco and Telverse Communications in 2003—Knitowski found a new set of entrepreneurial ventures to keep him busy. Taking the position of chairman for Caneum, Inc. in 2003. He served in this position for six years, helping the IT company reach national and global achievements, like the 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100 National List. Knitowski also acted as chairman at Trycera Financial from 2004 to 2009. Additionally, in 2004, Knitowski assumed the role of President at Trymetric Capital Management LLC. The company was a open-ended investment fund he managed.

Keeping busy in 2004, Knitowski became the President and Managing Director at Ecewa Capital Group LLC, too. Knitowski still holds this position—in which he provides strategic business planning, consulting, and investing opportunities/advice. He also currently serves as the President at Curo Capital, LLC. He joined the Curo Capital team in 2008, and managing the hedge fund.

Most recently, in 2009, Knitowski founded Phunware, Inc. Phunware is a services platform that is fully immersive. It allows brands to “engage, manage, and monetize users on mobile”. Phunware’s services include: strategy, design, development, quality assurance, and support services. They offer a wide variety of highly interactive mobile advertising services, and have worked with many companies like AT&T, E! Entertainment, and Jawbone. Knitowski currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and their four children.

Companies and Investments

Phunware, Inc. (Chairman, CEO, Co-Founder), Curo Capital LLC (President, Alternative Investments), Ecewa Capital Group LLC (President, Managing Director), Caneum, Inc. (Chairman), Trymetris Capital Management LLC (President, Strategic Investments, Managing Director), Trycera Financial, Inc. (Chairman), Telverse Communications (Co-Founder, Director), Cisco Systems (Director of Marketing, Voice Technology Group), vCIS (Director), Vovida Networks (Co-Founder, President, CEO), US Army (Captain, Corps of Engineers)

Lessons Learned

I believe the fatal mistake of first-time CEO is to allow your company to run out of money. Money is what keeps a company running, and as a serial entrepreneur, I am familiar with the necessity of funding for a start-up. You will always have to raise money or transition stock ownership from ‘weak hands’ to ‘strong hands’.” Even with a great idea, there must be money to properly execute it.

Inspiring Quotes

Build like you’re right, and listen like you’re wrong.

Colin Raney

I dont know what the secret to success is, but the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.


Brands not embracing mobile will be left behind by millennials. non

Caitlyn Bohan

The respect of influential people will soon be yours.

Patrick Wilson

Alan S. Knitowski's Quotes

Leading companies must figure out what the core utility of their mobile application is. We believe that brands should not be going out on mobile without that vision. Companies must figure out their value set.

Alan S. Knitowski

Our vision is that apps should provide engagement and entertainment, and that brands and companies should invest in a high-value touch point for the consumer, so that they would engage, spend time, and more importantly, spend money.

Alan S. Knitowski

You need to think about what the core value of that application is; its utility, why a user would download it, and why they will come back, week over week, month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year.

Alan S. Knitowski

Influential Books

Taro Gomi - Everyone Poops (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Tom Clancy - The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan)

Bryan Burrough - Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco

- Moneyball by Lewis, Michael published by W. W. Norton & Company (2011)


Michael Lewis, Bill Murray, Chris Anderson