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Ahmed Rahim

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Ahmed Rahim is the co-founder, CEO and chief alchemist at Numi Organic Tea, the largest premium, organic, fair trade certified tea company in North America. Ahmed is responsible for all of the Numi blends and products that the company launches every year.

Before starting Numi in 1999 in Oakland, California with his sister, Reem, Rahim studied theater and psychology in New York City. He then spent a decade living, working and traveling in Europe as a professional filmmaker and photographer. Rahim’s focus was fashion photography and abstract art through the visual mystery of light and nature. He also made short films and documentaries. Rahim graduated from New York University in 1989.

At Numi, Rahim travels to remote regions of the world seeking unique herbs and teas unknown in the United States. He travels to China, India, Africa, South America and other herb and tea-growing countries building partnerships with farmers and learning about their cultures and communities.

Since 2009, Rahim and his sister Reem have been evolving their vision for Numi through the Numi Foundation, with initiatives that focus on acknowledging and addressing the challenges within inner city Oakland, from education to health and nutrition.

Rahim sits on various boards and works with many nonprofit organizations to focus on infusing art and nature into inner city communities and mentors for-profit companies on enhancing their growth and sustainability goals. In 2011, Rahim helped launch the nation’s first Waldorf-inspired multi-lingual, multi-cultural K-4 charter school: Community School for Creative Education. The Numi Foundation developed curriculums for the school of 110 students, infusing art and nature with experiential learning.

Companies and Investments

The Numi Foundation (co-founder, executive director), Numi Organic Tea (co-founder, CEO, chief alchemist)

Lessons Learned

Travel. Learn more about the world around you. It’s truly the best way to understand your customer base if you ever want to expand.

Inspiring Quotes

Art is part of our mission because we’re inspired by the ability that creativity has to heal people, and its capacity to instigate the right atmosphere to solve challenges.

Reem Rahim

Ahmed Rahim's Quotes

The Numi Foundation is the manifestation of what we believe is needed to improve the lives of our community: Its how we extend our intentions of goodness and fairness to the greater world.

Ahmed Rahim

Traveling is always a beautiful journey, and I love observing cultures, and how they express their ways of life. I try to keep that attitude when I’m flying for business.

Ahmed Rahim

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Reem Rahim, Drake Sadler, Wade Davis