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Adrian Goersch

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Adrian Goersch made an entrepreneurial career out of the video game industry. Working at Spellbound Entertainment AG in the 1990’s Goersch learned the in’s and out’s of gaming. The company was noted for their video game series, Desperados. After a period of prosperity the company experienced financial hardship, and was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2011.

With the dissolution of Spellbound Entertainment AG, Goersch was free for a start-up project on the horizon. Using the manpower from Spellbound Enterainment AG and working with partner Andreas Speer, the gamers banded together to found Black Forest Games. Bringing designers, team members, and five founders together made the company possible. Other founders also include: Jean-Marc Haessig (Creative Director), Johannes Conradie (Technical Director) and Eric Urocki (Technical Art Director

The company’s vision focuses on high-quality role-playing games and strategy games. Kickstarter made much of the success at Black Forest Entertainment possible. In July of 2012 the company launched a Kickstarter campaign for their developing game, Gaina Sisters. The offices of Black Forest Games are located in Offenburg, Germany. Goersch has contributed notable video games Giana Sisters, Owlverlord, and DieselStormers. They currently have 40 employees and create games for major consoles, PCs, and Macintosh computers.

Companies and Investments

Black Forest Games (CFO/COO, Co-Founder), Spellbound Entertainment (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

When working as an entrepreneur there is usually a lot of creativity involved. Although creativity keeps things interesting and engaging, it also leaves more room for misjudgment, disapproval, and/or rejection. What one may find to be a sensation, another may see as a waste of resources. The lesson I have learned in this is that you have to find a happy balance. You cannot let the fear of failure debilitate your efforts, but you also cannot be reckless with your business. A great example of this is my first business venture, Spellbound Entertainment AG. The company saw great success, but ultimately we had to file bankruptcy. Rather than accepting defeat, we filed for bankruptcy and with our clean slate we created an even better company.

Inspiring Quotes

Failure makes smart.

German Proverb

Adrian Goersch's Quotes

We sat out a few months as we worked to raise new capital and establish the new company.

Adrian Goersch

A key tenant for us was to include all of the core members of the development team in the management team and to retain every employee we could that fit within our new approach to the market. Weve already been successful in these points and are looking to leverage our resources with top publishers that are looking to bring high quality games to market.

Adrian Goersch

Influential Books

Ayn Rand - Anthem, The Complete Novel: Book Club Edition: (Ayn Rand Masterpiece Collection) Includes the complete unabridged book and a template for notes, reference, and study after each chapter


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