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Adam Rich

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Adam Rich is the editor and co-founder of Thrillist. In 2010, Rich and fellow co-founder Ben Lerer, who met at the University of Pennsylvania, turned their idea into a reality with a $250,000 investment from Pilot Group (the Bob Pittman-led venture firm that backed DailyCandy, a similar newsletter product for women, which recently sold for $125 million). Thrillist is an e-mail newsletter business focusing on the lifestyles of the American "dude," the founders say. Their readers drink often, eat well, and dress even better. Or at least aspire to.

Rich got his degree from University of Pennsylvania in Fine Art. After college, he was working in a corporate job testing software before starting Thrillist.

Companies and Investments

Thrillist (Co-founder).

Lessons Learned

Recognize the potential of your idea. — Starting your own business is scary, but you have to realize that if someone doesn't do this idea, someone else will. Actually do it. Follow your dreams.

Company Culture is Critical. — It's that sort of thing between successes at the job are a result of the culture.

Execution is everything. — All successful businesses are really a collection of a million little challenges and tasks, so it’s critical to tackle each one with a relentless eye for perfection. It’s not enough to have a great idea if all the tiny little elements that make it a reality aren’t up to its caliber. Sometimes it just means working on something until you can honestly feel proud of the result, even if it’s seemingly trivial.

Inspiring Quotes

Adam Rich's Quotes

When we talk about new ideas, its not just about whether we can do it, because we can do just about everything we talk about. Its about why are we doing it and does it make sense at the time.

Adam Rich

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