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Adam Neumann

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Adam Neumann is a former Israeli naval officer who is the co-founder of the innovative shared workspace company, WeWork. Founded in 2010 together with Miguel McKelvey, Neumann was focused on creating an environment that centered around community and connectedness. Prior to WeWork, the duo established GreenDesk, an eco-friendly coworking space in Brooklyn. After selling the company in 2010, Neumann and McKelvey launched WeWork in New York’s SoHo district. Within just four years, WeWork was recognized as one of the fastest growing new office space in the city. Furthermore, WeWork was on track to become the fastest-growing lessee of its kind in the United States.

With WeWork, Neumann wanted to create a shared workspace that centered on community and offered a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs to grow their craft. As of March 2015, WeWork has 29 coworking locations in 10 cities throughout the world. The company hopes to expand to 60 locations by fall 2015. WeWork has received numerous accolades for its funding efforts, having raised more than $355 million by December 2014, making the company’s valuation roughly $5 billion. Named among the ‘Most Innovative Companies’ of 2015 by Fast Company Magazine, WeWork continues to establish itself is a forward-thinking concept that aims to foster creativity, new relationships, and an overarching sense of community.

Prior to getting into the realm of shared workspaces, Neumann founded a baby clothing company. From an early age growing up in Israel, Neumann learned the importance of leveraging community and how we can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of others.

Companies and Investments

WeWork (Founder), Egg Baby (President & Co-Founder), GreenDesk (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

Think about what you can or offer up to help change the world. There are plenty of ways to do this, you just have to put some effort in.

A sense of community is important, but what really matters is intention and meaning behind what you do.

The success of your company rests on the shoulders of those you employ. This is why it is imperative that you take a unique approach to the hiring process and make sure it is the right fit.

Fostering relationships and pay attention to what your client base needs and wants will go a long way.

Don’t rush the process. Things oftentimes take time and require a great deal of patience.

When it comes to valuations for a new startup, it is important that you don’t get ahead of yourself.

A thriving business requires reinvention.

Inspiring Quotes

Adam Neumann's Quotes

During the economic crisis, there were these empty building and these people freelancing or starting new companies. I knew there was a way to match the two. What separates us, though, is community.

Adam Neumann

We use a lot of glass; we build great common spaces; we put coffee and beer on every floor. And we really think of what happens when two people go get coffee, or even go to the bathroom. Every single thing happening should create interactions and connections.

Adam Neumann

The one thing we learned about community, you can’t force community. Everything has been organic.

Adam Neumann

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