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Abraham Abe Issa

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A Lebanese-American entrepreneur and successful businessman, Abe Issa is perhaps most well-known for founding Global Efficient Energy, one of the fastest-growing solar and green energy solution companies in the U.S. Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982, Issa and his family settled in Fort Worth, Texas in 1987 after leaving Lebanon in the wake of the Lebanese Civil War. Issa went on to attend Texas Christian University (TCU) as a student of the Neeley School of Business in 2001. He graduated with a BA in Business Administration in 2005.

Prior to his work in the green energy industry, Issa had a successful career in real estate. During his years at TCU, Issa became interested in real estate investing and began working at AC Properties. Throughout his final year at school, he worked more than 50 hours a week on top of his coursework. At the ripe age of 23, Issa was named vice president of the company. In 2005, he founded Abe Issa Real Estate, a company focused on purchasing foreclosed homes, renovating them, and then flipping them for a profit. Issa’s real estate was quite successful until the 2007-2009 recession. He was forced to close the company in 2010.

Not sure what to do next, Issa eventually came up with the idea for Global Efficient Energy (GEE). In 2011, with just $1,000 to his name, he launched the green energy solutions company. In just 45 days, Global Efficient Energy had made over $100,000 in revenue. Over the last five years, the company’s revenue has jumped to $60 million, with no signs of slowing down. In the beginning, Issa began cold-calling customers and going door-to-door providing Fort Worth homeowners with free in-home energy efficiency evaluations. In the summer of 2012, GEE began installing solar panels.

Among Issa and GEE’s many accolades include being awarded Gold in the category Executive Team of the Year by Best in Biz Awards in 2015; named #32 in INC Magazine's 34th annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies, #2 Top Texas Companies, and #2 Company in the Dallas Metro Area. In 2015, Issa was a finalist for the Southwest region EY Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2014 he was voted by the readers as one of the 35 under 35 ‘coolest’ entrepreneurs of the year.

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Global Efficient Energy (Founder & CEO)

Lessons Learned

When recruiting employees, you must have a formula. Be sure and keep an eye out for bad habits and look for good habits. With this, ask behavioral questions and make sure you are recruiting the right people for your business.

Training is absolutely essential to the success of any business. If possible, put recruits through a special training and make sure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to move forward.

Do not overlook the importance of keeping your sales team motivated and excited for what they are doing. This will help create an environment where they know they can’t slack and will want to work hard.

The best way to avoid failure? Work hard.

Know that you are the only one who has control over your future. If there is a bump in the road or things don’t go as planned, simply find a different path.

The most successful people are those who never give up.

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Sales captains can’t just be managers, they have to be coaches.

Abraham Abe Issa

You’ve got to recruit the right people for your business for your industry

Abraham Abe Issa

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