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Welcome to EntrepreneurWiki

We believe that there is a wealth of knowledge & experience, from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, which needs to be shared If you are a successful entrepreneur, we ask that you share openly on Entrepreneur.Wik about your experience: what were the challenges you faced while starting a business? What lessons did you learn along your journey? Who were your mentors, and what books, quotes, or individuals inspired you in your process of bringing an idea to fruition and creating your own company?

Entrepreneur.Wiki was designed to be collaborative. We encourage entrepreneurs to edit, revise, and contribute to this site on an on-going basis. And of course, you are welcome to nominate other entrepreneurs. If you know of a successful entrepreneur who wants to share his or her story with the world, please feel free to submit a listing on their behalf, or ask them to create their own profile on Entrepreneur.Wik

We are building the most comprehensive directory of information about the world's most successful entrepreneurs. EntrepreneurWiki is a community-led destination, an open platform for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, to share knowledge, experience and inspiration that motivates and promotes entrepreneurship across the globe.

Colin Campbell, Chairman and Co-founder

Jeff Sass, Co-founder

Francesca Cruz Editor-in-Chief

Why Did We Create EntrepreneurWiki?

In many ways, a Wiki is much like a modern "Who's Who." But established sites like Wikipedia are so encyclopedic in their scope that many successful entrepreneurs do not even have a Wikipedia page or, if they do, their profile appears as basic background information. The stories of what they've learned in the process of building their dream, and the opportunity to share their knowledge is lost.

We wanted to create a site that benefits from the wiki-based openness and at the same time is dedicated to sharing information about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. To create a site capable of becoming the Internet's premiere directory of successful entrepreneurs, and in doing so, create an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a wiki, EntrepreneurWiki is an open directory and can be edited by any registered user in accordance with our guidelines. However, we have also made some enhancements to the platform to make it easier to enter an initial listing. Our Listing Form helps enter data easily, and with some uniformity so that valuable entrepreneurship data can be aggregated across all entrepreneur entries. We've standardized a few content items such as "Lessons Learned," "Books" and "Quotes" that have influenced each listed entrepreneur.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

For the successful entrepreneur, EntrepreneurWiki represents an opportunity to give back to the growing community of entrepreneurs and share knowledge and experience in an open forum. To be in the company of peers and mentors. As a wiki, an entrepreneur's history and story is told in a way that has more credibility than a resume listing. EntrepreneurWiki is a way to gain exposure amongst other entrepreneurs and it establishes a lasting legacy that can inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, EntrepreneurWiki provides a wealth of firsthand information by and about proven entrepreneurs. What have they done? What have they learned? Who and what has inspired them? EntrepreneurWiki is a community designed to promote, celebrate and share the true spirit of entrepreneurship. If you have comments or suggestions, please add them to the discussion tab, or email us.

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