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Abe Issa

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Abe Issa is the founder & CEO of Global Efficient Energy,

Born in Beirut, Lebanon Abe Issa moved to Texas in 1987 with his parents during the Lebanese civil war. During his senior year at Texas Christian University he a real estate agent and by the end of his first year out of college was made Vice President of AC Properties. This gave him the opportunity to start his own office, choose and manage his own staff. Unfortunately, he was hard hit when the housing bubble burst and almost faced forclosure.

Issa built Global Efficient Energy (GEE) in the wake of the recession, finding great success offering customers a number of ways to save money by making their homes more energy efficient with small updates families could afford, including new doors, windows, solar panels and fluorescent light bulbs. Many of these changes can reduce energy use by up to 50%. GEE offers free energy audits and assists customers in securing federal tax credits and state rebates when purchasing and installing solar panels, which can reduce energy consumption by 80% in some situations.

Issa started his company with $1000 of his own money and the company generated profit within 45 days, allowing Issa to start operating at a high level almost immediately. GEE has completed over 4,000 installations and employs nearly 200 people. Issa was featured in Inc 500 Magazine for having one of the fastest growing private companies in the country, accelerating from $5 million to $40 million in revenue in 3 years.

Companies and Investments

Global Efficient Energy (Founder, CEO), Abe Issa Real Estate (President), AC Properties (Vice President)

Lessons Learned

Take every opportunity to network. Issa said he would not have had the jobs or financial opportunities he had without networking with a professor during college.

Pivot to meet new challenges. After the housing bubble burst, Issa looked for other opportunities in his field and found a growing need that he could fill.

Inspiring Quotes

Abe Issa's Quotes

Build your network.

Abe Issa

Everybody should work on their sales skills whether they’re a salesperson or not. Everything you do applies to sales in a way.

Abe Issa

Influential Books


Dr. Joe Lipscomb