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AJ Forsythe

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AJ Forsythe had an interesting start to the business world, and the world of startups. Working for Cal Poly Beekeeping for a little less than a year (2008-2009), Forsythe worked as a beekeeper. It was here that he help manage 100 beehives and 5 million bees. It was a fun experience that Forsythe eventually leaves behind for further adventures in the working industry.

Leaving Cal Poly Beekeeping, Forsythe accepted an intern’s position. Working for Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd, AJ was a Special Projects Interns responsible for developing strategies to reduce cost, implementing new processing systems, and finding new product and customer opportunities. He interned here for three months, while studying at the California Polytechnic State University. Forsythe graduated from Cal Poly with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology/Biology in 2011.

Prior to graduation, the startup bug bit AJ. His own experience working at a startup, Cal Poly Beekeeping, and knowledge from his education and internship, helped prepare him for the on taking iCracked Inc. Forsythe founded iCracked Inc. in July of 2010. The idea for the new company came from Forsythe’s own life experience. He was attending college and his phone broke. He saw an opportunity for better phone repair service. From that iCracked Inc. was born. The company provides mobile phone repair, and will even by your phone from you if you so decide. They like to think of themselves as the AAA of phone repair.

Forsythe explains he became an entrepreneur because, “I want to change the world.” He has certainly changed the world of smart phone repair. iCracked Inc. has nationwide services and they over five hundred technicians at their fingertips. The company has earned AJ many honors and awards including Top 30 Startups to Watch for Entrepreneur Magazine in 2013, Inc. Magazine’s30 Under 30, Forbes 30 Under 30 in January 2014, and many more.

Companies and Investments

iCracked Inc. (Founder, CEO), Rebel Coast Winery (Advisor), Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd (Special Projects Intern), Cal Poly Beekeeping (Enterprise Project, Beekeeper)

Lessons Learned

The number one mistake an entrepreneur can make is failing to consider the perspective of their customers and users. I am aware that failure is inevitable, but believe the key to success is to keeping moving forward with your consumer in mind. Always network with people, and take advantage of business opportunities presented. Do not be afraid to share ideas with people and fellow entrepreneurs. Networking and sharing ideas is how work gets done.

Inspiring Quotes

Failing is inevitable, If you dont fail, you are not taking risks worthy of a startup. If you fear failure, you wont take the risks.

Neil Young

AJ Forsythe's Quotes

I think if you ask the people in our office people would feel like they’re meant to do what they’re doing. It’s very cool to know that it suddenly doesn’t become work. I feel like what we do is make people’s lives better. That’s one of our main goals as we expand.

AJ Forsythe

Our mission, or why we feel like we go to work every day and night is we believe we’re a customer service company that happens to buy back these devices and resell them, or repair these devices.

AJ Forsythe

I think startups are extremely lonely. By no means have we arrived or have things gotten easier. I’d say it’s a fairly constant up-and-down roller coaster.

AJ Forsythe

We’re trying to pioneer what we call on demand repair and buy back.

AJ Forsythe

Our hiring practices are actually somewhat formed from what I learned in school or what I didn’t learn in school. So, we don’t really care about backgrounds or resumes or degrees. We care more about ambition, curiosity, and what school can’t teach you.

AJ Forsythe

In the U. S. alone you’re looking at Americans have spent well over 7-10 billion dollars just fixing their IS devices which is a pretty staggering statistic.

AJ Forsythe

We’re AAA for smartphones.

AJ Forsythe

Influential Books

Michael E. Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It


Jeff Whitis