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Sam Teitelbaum

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When Sam Teitelbaum’s wife developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, also known as MCS, he decided to make breathing easy for her. He wanted to create an affordable and more effective air purifier. He was 61 years old when he co-founded ,with Wayne Martin, the Montreal based company AllerAir.

The company was established in 1996. The company now markets over 100 different types of purifiers. There are offices in the United States as well as in Canada and the company manufactures purifying systems for residential, commercial, and industrial businesses. The company proclaims that it utilizes the only the most effective and latest developed air cleaning technologies which include high grade activated carbon, medical grade HEPA filters, UV light, and high performing photocatalytic purification.

For individual use, a personal kit is given to the client and tests are run to determine which of our five carbon devices are best for his or her sensitivity issues. Boeing Aircraft, the United States Army, and the Mayo Clinic are clients of AllerAir. The company now in 2014 generates a profit of five million dollars a year.

Companies and Investments

AllerAir (Co-Founded)

Lessons Learned

My lessons come from discovery and need. I needed to see if I could help my wife to breathe easier with a more effective purifier. This pushed me to co-found the company. And my second lesson that deals with discovery is important because I had to research and experiment to know what would make the best purifiers for my wife and for all of our customers. My need and sense of discovery have made people’s breathing easier and improved their quality of life.

Inspiring Quotes

We hope air purifiers will some day be as common as bottled water.

Jeffrey Kanel

Everybody needs an air purifier.

Dr. Doris Rapp

Sam Teitelbaum's Quotes

One of the biggest challenges for MCS sufferers is finding an air purifier that does not worsen their symptoms because they are sensitive to the unit itself.

Sam Teitelbaum

Were kind of the specialists now.

Sam Teitelbaum

Indeed, laughing makes you feel so good that success follows suit.

Sam Teitelbaum

Keep in mind that it is the time the air spends in the filter that influences the effectiveness. Packing a long tube full of carbon would drastically increase the air flow speed, and the dwell time would not increase.

Sam Teitelbaum

Influential Books

Doris Rapp - Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call