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Oliver Luckett

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Oliver Luckett is an American businessman, art collector, serial entrepreneur, and influential social media mogul who has founded several successful companies over the years. Some of this most well-known companies include iBlast, Revver, DigiSynd, and theAudience. Born in Mississippi in 1974, Luckett was introduced to the world of technology at age of 6 when his grandfather gifted him an early model computer. Learning how to navigate the Internet before most, Luckett eventually attended Vanderbilt University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in French literature.

In 1999, he co-founded his first business, iBlast Networks with former FOX syndication president Michael Lambert and former head of Universal Studios, Ken Solomon. Six years later Luckett established Revver, the first video-sharing website that attached ads to Internet videos. He soon thereafter started another company, DigiSynd, which was a digital media startup. In 2008, Luckett took a senior position at The Walt Disney Company, heading social media for such characters as Cinderella. Disney eventually purchased DigiSyd, turning it into a consumer-facing brand on social media. At this point, Luckett was put in charge of expanding Disney’s social media presence through their various animated characters.

Luckett’s tech and social media reputation started to grow in the 2000s, leading him into the world of celebrities and Hollywood. In 2011, he co-founded theAudiene, a social media publishing firm for celebrities. theAudience creates and publishes content for celebrities across the various social media platforms, helping people to develop smart publishing strategies and relevant social content. Today, content published by theAudience reaches more than one billion social media users each month.

Luckett is also an avid art collector, specifically of items from Iceland.

Companies and Investments

theAudience (Founder & CEO), DigiSynd (CEO & Co-Founder), Revver (Co-Founder), iBlast (CTO & Co-Founder), The Walt Disney Company (SVP & GM DigiSynd)

Lessons Learned

Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams and take chances.

The key to success is studying and gaining a deeper understanding of your target audience. By taking the time to do so, you will be setting yourself up in the best possible.

Artists come in all different shapes and forms. Think outside the box and don’t let yourself be bounded by limitations.

How you express yourself is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship and artistry.

Pay attention to the latest trends and technological advances. By staying one step ahead of the rest, you will be better prepared to stay relevant instead of falling to the wayside.

You will likely have ups and downs when starting your own business, but stick with it and ride the waves.

Anything is possible.

Inspiring Quotes

Oliver Luckett's Quotes

I deal in ideas. I try to make concepts into mass reality, whether they’re political or societal or entertainment concepts. And as we become more interconnected, I view the world more and more like a social organism.

Oliver Luckett

Ultimately, it’s how you express yourself. It’s about the way you look at things and how you build an abstract layer on top of what you see.

Oliver Luckett

I work with more than 6,000 different artists - ‘information artists’ is how I think of them. Some people don’t view them as artists, but I do.

Oliver Luckett

Celebrities often come with baggage, and creating their online personas is a lot of work. They may be good on TV or the big screen, but most are not digital natives.

Oliver Luckett

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