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Martin Naughton

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Martin Naughton did not graduate college at first; in fact he left school early to gain experience. Later, he was able to graduate with an aeronautical engineering degree from De La Salle College in Dundalk. He is ex-chairman of InterTradeIreland, a cross-border and business trade group. This self-made millionaire founded Glen Electric in 1973. He then later purchased the UK heating company, Dimplex. He then built Glen Dimplex, one of the largest manufacturers of electrical heating appliances.

He enjoys acting since 1991 as trustee emeritus for the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and collecting art. In 2006 the University of Notre Dame renamed their Institute for Irish Studies the Keough-Naughton Institute after Martin Naughton. He is active in promoting peace efforts in Ireland through economic ties and currently lives in County Meath.

Companies and Investments

Heating Equipments/Glen Electric (Founder), Glen Dimplex (Owner)

Lessons Learned

Remember this lesson, buying companies can be fun. Purchasing new acquisitions is quote thrilling. But the running of a company can be quite tough. Be ready to not just buy a company, but be prepared to run it properly.

Inspiring Quotes

Stay nervous.


Martin Naughton's Quotes

The last thing you want is to be a silly old fart getting in the way. But basically, as of now, I have no plans to retire.

Martin Naughton

If I or any of my family want a heater wed pay for it. If I bring home a product from the group, Ive paid for it, same as everyone else.

Martin Naughton

Its much more difficult running a business than buying one.

Martin Naughton

We see China becoming an unstoppable force. Its a huge threat and a huge opportunity.

Martin Naughton

Its a matter of style. I dont think Id enjoy running a public company. We havent needed to go to the market to fund expansion.

Martin Naughton

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