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Jenny Chen

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With a passion for technology, Jenny Chen studied Computer Science at Stanford University. It was while studying at Stanford University that Chen met her friend and business partner, Marcela Miyazawa. Together Miyazawa and Chen founded Wanderable. The company was founded on the vision of providing a wedding gift registry that allowed brides and grooms to plan their honeymoon trip and share with their guests. Rather than the impersonal housewares of a traditional gift registry, Wanderable allows users to give the memorable and touching gift of travel.

Wanderable was launched in 2012. It has since grown and developed its own app in-house. The company is still continuing to grow and is seeking strong engineers. Chen’s responsibilities at Wanderable include building features, talking to people, and doing whatever needs to be done to make sure the start-up is exceedingly successful. Jenny’s experiences prior to Wanderable include a position as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon.com and a Software Engineering Intern at Sun Microsystems.

At Amazon.com, form 2006 to 2011, Chen was able to get some great professional experience under her belt—preparing her for the entrepreneurial world. Her duties at Amazon.com included developing front-end to backend features, fraud detection, performance, testing, and much more. She earned the position at Amazon.com after completing a seven month internship at Sun Microsystems in 2005.

Aside from entrepreneurship, she feels passionately about travel. Jenny recalls her most fond memory with her business partner, Marcela, as an occasion they were caught in a rainstorm while adventuring an Alaskan riverbed. Their love for travel and adventure drives Wanderable’s success!

Companies and Investments

Wanderable (Co-Founder), Amazon.com ( Software Development Engineer), SunMicrosystems (Software Engineering Intern)

Lessons Learned

It is extremely important to have a clear marketing plan before diving into a new product campaign. When we decided to launch our app at Wanderable, we opted to create the app in-house. This was great because we were able to address issues quickly and cost effectively, but more consideration could have been put into our marketing plan. By deciding the important marketing details of launching a new app, we would have more success from the start. The app has now caught on with consumers, but had a better marketing plan been created from the start we would have leveraged more success.

Inspiring Quotes

Hold on to me as we go, as we roll down this unfamiliar road.

Phillip Phillips

I read. I travel. I become.

Derek Walcott

It feels good to be lost in the right direction


Jenny Chen's Quotes

Technology has evolved to the point where it’s simple to share our lives and experiences with our loved ones.

Jenny Chen

I met Marcela on my first day at Stanford—she was my freshman year roommate. I was unpacking my stuff when she came tumbling in through the door. She’s just as bubbly and energetic today as she was that day 11 years ago.

Jenny Chen

When you ask someone what is truly important to them, they talk about their family and friends. And when you give your friends and family gifts, you want to give them something meaningful that they’ll appreciate and remember.

Jenny Chen

Influential Books

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Clara Shih



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